We have been working to leave FDC since 2015, says Alaso

Gen Mugisha Muntu, who Alice Alaso is loyal to, lost FDC presidential flag bearer election to Dr Besigye in 2015 and then the party presidency to Patrick Amuriat last year. He announced he had quit the party with immediate effect on Tuesday

POLITICS | The Opposition group allied to Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu that walked out of Forum for Democratic Change on Tuesday have been working on quitting the party from way back in 2015, Alice Alaso has said.

In an exclusive interview with NTV television, Alaso said they could no longer work with Opposition leader Dr Kizza Besigye because the four-time presidential aspirant is intolerant to divergent views within the FDC party.

“I haven’t taken this decision yesterday night, I have made this decision from about 2015 but I was hoping that it could be resolved,” Alaso, a ‘former’ FDC deputy president for eastern region.

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In revealing that she contemplated such a big decision in 2015 and that she was working with others to quit the biggest opposition party in the country, Alaso left many unanswered questions considering that Gen Muntu whom she allied with and worked closely with was the serving FDC president.

Muntu on Tuesday announced he had ended his liaison with the party he helped found in 2004 due to “irreconcilable differences” as well as a plethora of reasons, including being treated with suspicion.

“During the party presidential campaigns, it became very clear that there was even less tolerance for alternative views. Not towing the ‘correct line’ meant being branded a mole,” Muntu said in a statement.

“After the elections, many of us sincerely wondered whether there was still a place in the party for our views or if we were simply expected to keep quiet and follow whatever others believe.”

The former FDC secretary for mobilisation and president will reportedly be joined across the new fence created within the Opposition by Alaso, former Bukhonzo East MP Yokasi Bihande and Kassiano Wadri, the Arua Municipality MP, among others.

In 2015, the country was preparing for 2016 general elections and indeed FDC participated in the polls with Gen Muntu as party president and head of presidential campaign.

Alaso’s revelation appears to corroborate Tuesday’s decision that Muntu said was borne of the loss of FDC presidency to Patrick Amuriat in 2017. In his concession speech, Muntu had noted that the election was free and fair but that he would consult on the way forward all the same.

This appears to suggest that each time Muntu and his loyalists have lost internal leadership contest in the party, they have worked on quitting.

In 2015, Muntu lost the FDC presidential candidate flag to Dr Besigye and spent the 2016 electioneering period campaigning for the party and Dr Besigye.

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