Rwandan President Dissolves Parliament to Pave Way For Fresh Elections

Rwanda goes to the polls to elect new lawmakers in September

KIGALI | Rwandan President Paul Kagame dissolved Parliament Thursday, paving way for fresh parliamentary elections due in September.

Polling must be held within 60 days of its dissolution under Rwanda’s constitution.
The National Electoral Commission set September 2 to 4 for about 7 million eligible voters to cast their ballots.

Up to 521 candidates have been nominated to contest for 80 positions in the lower chamber of Parliament.

Sendo Cleaners

Eighty lawmakers constitute the lower chamber of which 53 are selected from political organizations, 24 women representatives, two youth representatives, and one representative of people living with disabilities.

Parliamentary campaigns will be launched on August 13 and end on September 1, according to the commission.

Polls will be held on September 2 within the country and September 3 for those in diaspora.
Elections for representatives of special interest groups including youth, women and people with disabilities will be conducted on September 4.

This was Rwanda’s third parliament since the country conducted post-genocide legislative elections in 2003.
Outgoing Speaker, Donatille Mukabalisa, said lawmakers over the years enacted 315 laws.

“We will elect new MPs next month. This should not be ‘business as usual’. They will have to build on what their predecessors have achieved and put more efforts where we still have noticeable gaps,” Kagame said at parliament in Kigali.

“I want to thank you once again for your contribution to our country’s development. Some of you will be re-elected while others will continue to serve in different capacities. I wish you all success in your future endeavours.”

Rwanda has been known for the highest representation of female parliamentarians in the world, where more than half of the parliament was made up of women.

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