If Bobi Wine became president, I would definitely sing for him — Bebe Cool

POLITICS | Moses Ssali, aka Bebe Cool, has said he would not hesitate to sing for Robert Kyagulanyi if the Kyaddondo East MP and Opposition firebrand were to become head of state.

“I will just put my bill on the table and if he pays, I will sing for him,” Bebe Cool, who was responding to a query on NBS talk show, Frontline, on Thursday night, said.

Explaining this unusual admission that suggests that his loyalty is only as far as money goes, he said he “has always sang for presidents in the last 20 years, including President Museveni.”

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He did not elaborate which other ‘presidents’ he has sang for, leaving the impression that they have to be outside since in Uganda, Bebe Cool has not seen any other president other than Museveni, who came to power when he was barely six years old.

In 2015, Bebe Cool, son of President Museveni’s erstwhile comrade and long-serving minister Jaberi Bidandi Ssali, brought together a group of musicians to record Tobonga Nawe, a song that praised then incumbent Yoweri Museveni and pushed for his re-election.

The song and the decision had got the artistes in the wrong crucible of the public with most of them shunned afterwards, some like GoodLyfe Crew going as far as apologising for taking part in Museveni’s re-election bid through music.

But Bebe Cool remained unapologetic and thumped his chest even more on how his association with Museveni was etched in stone.

And, on the show, Bebe Cool had a likely support in Ofwono, who said the musician has a right to sing for whoever he wants and castigated the opposition who he said continue to ride red herrings in the false belief that they alone know what Ugandans want.

Mao, on the other hand, urged Bebe Cool to tread carefully and not attach his career to a regime.

“No phenomenon remains unchanged. One day a man called Museveni will exit,” Mao said.

Bebe Cool, whose career started intertwined with Bobi Wine at Firebase Crew before he left to form his own Gagamel crew, said he will not let Kyagulanyi go anywhere because he (Bobi Wine) has not let him go.

“We are in the entertainment business where it matters to keep at the top. I am at the top and I will not let him be,” he said.

Asked how he felt when Bobi Wine’s music concert was blocked on Boxing Day, the singer said he sympathised with MP Robert Kyagulanyi but not with his competitor musician Bobi Wine, who he said is “fond of playing antics.”

“I have known that guy for long and I know what he is capable of. In fact, before he says that his show was stopped, let him show us a police letter that allowed the concert to go on,” the Kasepeki singer said.

He challenged the panelists to attend entertainment classes so that they understand better the actual Bobi Wine.

“You studied so much at the university but the entertainment class is the one you skipped. You need to go for it,” Bebe Cool said, prompting Democratic Party (DP) president Norbert Mao to chip in his usual humorous tone to remind Bebe Coool that the entertainment class was not part of law course.

When Mao accused him of being insensitive following the Arua saga in which Bobi Wine and over 30 others were injured after they allegedly stoned one of the vehicles in the presidential motorcade during the Arua Municipality by-election, Bebe Cool reiterated what he said earlier that there is no way Bobi Wine could afford to put on the heaviest shoes in his possession if he had been injured that much.

“You cannot have an injured kidney among other internal injuries and you put on a Timberlake shoe,” Bebe Cool said.

He was supported by the Media Centre executive director Ofwono Opondo, who challenged Bobi Wine to produce his medical records.

“He went to the US for treatment but since he returned, has he gone back for a review,” Ofwono asked.

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