Bobi Wine moves to help boot Lukwago out of City Hall

Working within the ambit of People Power, a movement-pressure group calling, Kyagulanyi will support any of four political 'bantamweights' who have rolled up their sleeves and stepped into the mayoral rings with bare knuckles, sources close to the legislator say.

POLITICS | Kyaddondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi will show his political muscle in helping the ouster of Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago from City Hall when the capital goes to poll in 2021.

Working within the ambit of People Power, a movement-pressure group calling, Kyagulanyi will support any of four political ‘bantamweights’ who have rolled up their sleeves and stepped into the mayoral rings with bare knuckles, sources close to the legislator say.

People’s Development Party president Dr Abedi Bwanika, Kawempe North MP Latif Sebaggala, Democratic Party publicist John Paul Kakande, and Social Democratic Party president Mike Mabikke are all jostling for the honeycomb they feel Lukwago has been licking all by himself.

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The two-time Lord Mayor might have wrestled his way and constricted like a python to claim his high table against a President Museveni-led fierce muscles — and remains one of the few politicians in the country who continue to give the head of state headache — but the quartet don’t want to any of it.

Banking on Bobi Wine’s firebrand status and convinced that his support would galvanise their political ambitions, the four politicians have gone on the early assault to raise their profile.

On Saturday, while appearing on CBS FM for a political show, Bwanika announced that he will take on Lukwago.

On Thursday last week, the loose members who subscribe or claim to subscribe to People Power had a meeting to, among others, discuss who should be fronted to take on Lukwago.

A source, who was involved in the discussion, revealed that each of the four politician was told to explain why he believed he was the best candidate to contest for the seat.

“And at one point, Bwanika, Mabikke and Kakande accused Sebaggala of being selfish. They said for all his years in Parliament, Sebaggala has never got involved or finance any opposition activities,” a highly placed source with in People Power group said.

“But at the end of the meeting, we agreed that each of them first market their candidature and after three months, we will sit and pick the most popular among them.”

Bobi Wine did not attend the meeting but his handlers told this news website that the legislator was briefed of the outcome of the meeting.

When contacted on Monday, Bwanika and Sebaggala confirmed that meeting took place but remained tight lipped to reveal what they discussed.

But Bwanika says he has what it takes to be the Lord Mayor, having contested three times for the presidency. In the last three presidential elections, Bwanika has contested but failed to raise 1% of the total votes cast each time.

“That office should be served by leaders with the best qualities and skills like Bwanika,” he says.

The veterinary doctor, however, hastened to add that if the pressure group picked another person, with more qualities than his, he will pull out of the race and back the common choice.

“If that happens, then I will contest for a parliamentary seat either in Kampala or in Masaka, my place of birth,” he explains.

Latif Sebaggala, the younger brother of Al-Hajj Nasser Ntege Sebaggala, says he will be in the race because dwellers are asking him to extend his leadership skills to Kampala city.

“I receive many calls from my people telling me to contest for the Lord Mayor seat so that I serve them,” Sebaggalagala says.

People power responds

Patrick Nsamba, the Kassanda North MP, says the challenge their pressure group is facing is picking the official candidate in elective positions.

“Even at Makerere University, we have four candidates contesting for guild presidential race Power. But we are soon sitting to sitto identify suitable candidates,” Nsamba, an NRM legislator who associates with Bobi Wine and claims to speak on his behalf, says.

But Lukwago has remained unmoved by all the jostling for his honeycomb. He apparently doesn’t want to engage in open discussion about the matter but his political assistant Elvis Kintu Nsonyi confirmed that he will seek a third term atCity Hall.

“We have not stopped anybody to contest for the office. People of Kampala will decide who is suitable to serve them,” Kintu says.

But behind the scene, in December last year when Sebaggala approached the city legislators, informing them about his plan to contest, Lukwago’s team started to meet them.

Many city politicians are scheming for a piggy back ride on Bobi Wine’s popularity in the city. These include those eyeing the parliamentary, division mayoral and councillorship seats.

They have abandoned wearing colours of their mother parties but instead put on red beret and t-shirts.

“FDC managed to win NRM party and sent many councilors at the City Hall. This is likely to happen, if Bobi Wine continues to be very popular up to 2021,” Moses Katambu, a city councilor representing Kampala Central, explains.

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