Besigye drawn into apology over ‘attempts to pit’ him against Bobi Wine

Dr Kizza Besigye says attempts by some "interests" to pit him against his 'brother' Bobi Wine isn't lost on him, says selfish persons are passing a clip of 50 seconds to give a wrong message

POLITICS | Opposition leader Kizza Besigye was Sunday forced to clarify on his statement on tribalism and the person of Kyaddondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi following social media storm that he had attacked the musician cum politician.

A lot of dust has been raised on the social media, especially, that the Forum for Democratic Change leader “attacked Bobi Wine” for drawing a tribal line in his latest message to his supporters when he used the term “Twebereremu.”

The Observer reporter Sadab Kitatta, for instance, said: “So shameful that @kizzabesigye1 can misrepresent a clear message by @HEBobiwine. At least I have listened to Bobi saying, “be part of this struggle, don’t leave it to your leaders; mwebereremu.”

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Twebereremu can loosely translate to “let’s take care of ourselves.” The phrase, some say, is associated with the Buganda creed of putting interests of the kingdom and its people above all else.

“How tribalistic is that message?” asked Kitatta, whose regular criticism of Besigye is well documented.

Responding to Kitatta’s tweet, Besigye said there was a deliberate attempt by some “interests” to tip himself and Bobi Wine on a collusion path.

“A deliberate attempt by some “interests” to pit me against my brother Bobi isn’t lost on me. The clip of 50 sec from speech of 1 &1/2 hrs can do that. Bobi isn’t one of those driving a tribal campaign. Whoever understood my words to be aimed Bobi, my sincere apology,” Besigye tweeted.

Since the emergence of Bobi Wine on the political scene, his supporters have been asking Besigye to step aside for the youthful politician and his People Power movement. The legislator does not subscribe to any party as it stands but continues to champion a cause for leadership change in Uganda.

His People Power supporters have often clashed with those of FDC party with emotional battles on social media leaving quite a scene for observers.

But Besigye has always maintained there he has never stood in anyone’s way and that anyone seeking to challenge Museveni can offer themselves for the people to invest their loyalty in them.

However, despite Besigye and Bobi Wine appearing to dispel any talks of a rift between them, supporters of the legislators remain restless and Friday’s speech at  FDC Kampala Regional Conference at the party headquarters in Najjankumbi appears to have caused those who were already foaming in the mouth to spill it up.

The attacks on Besigye saw FDC party supporters and officials attempt to diffuse the tension by explaining what transpired at the conference.

FDC mobiliser Ingrid Turinawe said Besigye was asked a number of questions during the conference and among those led to his caution to all FDC leaders not to use any language that divide Ugandans along tribal or religion lines.

“He advised FDC Kampala leaders that they must at all times not allow tribalism to enter into our politics, because it can divert us from the main cause and it can be very dangerous to our country.
He said all FDC leaders must strive to deliver messages that unite Ugandans in the spirit of one Uganda one people,” Turinawe said.

She said a video clip that has been circulating showing Besigye as supposedly attack Bobi Wine has been “edited and cut not to show the background to which Dr Besigye’s guidance to FDC Kampala leaders came about.”

Bobi Wine was yet to make a statement on the matter. The legislator is understood to have returned to Kampala on Sunday after Police blocked a concert he was due to perform at in Jinja town on Saturday.

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