Police: Matuga medics killed patient and dumped body in bush

CRIME | Two employees of a clinic in Matuga have been arrested over the death of a patient whose body was found wrapped in a polythene bag in a bush near the health facility, Police said.

Three other suspects wanted in connection with what Police are treating as murder are on the run.

Police have identified the deceased as Ivan Tumukunde, 32, an enrolled nurse who was residing at Kirwanira Village in Matuga.

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Those arrested are a male clinical officer and a woman nursing officer, all employees of Fellowship Medical Centre.

“After killing the patient, the suspects wrapped the body in a polyethylene bag and carried it in a vehicle before hiding it in the bush close to the health centre,” Police said.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire said the two were picked up on Thursday morning.

Police said the proprietor of the health facility is also among those who are on the run and asked the general public to report his whereabouts to the nearest police station if seen.

Owoyesigyire said that the deceased was taken ill to the clinic on Wednesday. He, however, did not return home, only to be found dead in the neighbouring Kaguja village on Thursday morning.

“Yesterday (Wednesday), the deceased was taken to Fellowship Medical Centre in Matugga and admitted because. To the surprise of his loved ones, he was found dead in Kaguja this morning, something that sparked off fears in the community that he could have died from the clinic and the his body dumped,” Owoyesigyire said.

The deceased was said to have gone to the hospital by himself and was admitted by the health centre to receive treatment for some minor ailment.

Police had to be called in to calm tempers as the residents and relatives of the deceased turned rowdy and threatened staff at the clinic.

The residents had carried the body to health centre demanding explanation on how the patient admitted in their hospital ended up dead in the bush.

Police called in to calm tension confiscated the body and took it to Mulago Hospital for post-mortem.

Police said the post-mortem result will determine what charges can be preferred against the suspects.

The two suspects are being held at Matugga Police Station as investigations continue.

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