We won’t promise heaven on earth but Crime24 is real


EDITORIAL–The digital publishing space in Uganda is shrinking ever fast. There is a litany of news websites fighting for the semblance of small space available, Rushing to break the news and sensationalism are the current movers. It gets even worse with civic journalism and every other blogger and social media user being a self-made journalist.

However, life is strange. Like the fellow everyone in the village points a finger at as being loose will always be the one attracting the most suitors in their trail, new news websites will never stop popping onto the local internet milieu however crowded it gets out there.

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And that is how we are here. Crime24. We are squeezing into that tiny online space with a product we strongly believe is for all all. Crime24, publishing on www.thecrime24.com, is a niche portal covering crime in all its manifestation. Crime is real. And it’s rife of late.

At Crime 24, we dedicate this to lives and properties lost, the scarred lives of those who have survived as well as those people who tirelessly work toward restoring law and order in this country. No doubt there are many horrendous stories regarding crime in the recent past, with chilling effects.

It’s time for Ugandans, regional citizens and the world, to remember that crime is never far away if there are criminal-minded people in our midst. We have to know about crime in all its manifestation and how t combat them, we have to watch our steps and rein in feelings detrimental to human security as individuals and as communities.

What happened to others can easily happen to you or your loved one with far reaching effects.

At Crime24, we are not here to peddle the same promises of bringing readers heavenly news, of being first and exclusive with content, of being the authority on crime news and investigations… we are not competing with anyone. We are here with a niche offering tailored to serve the society in an array of ways, with the highest degree of professionalism possible.

Above all, we are here to offer the public a platform to report and discuss crime in all its manifestation with a view to fighting it. Like ‘the more you know, the better your society becomes,’ we intend to work with different stakeholders in the justice, law and order sector to inform and educate the public about crime.

From human rights issues, pickpockets, corruption, scandals, domestic crimes and gender violence, to health-related fails that deny patients basic rights and education sector woes, we are going to be all over the places hovering like the dream drone President Museveni envisages as the solution to murders in Kampala. Although we will have reporters assigned to various beats within this niche, Crime24 will be open to the public to share tips as well as videos.

Ours is a team comprising professionals with decades of experience in the newsroom and, with public contribution, we will inform and educate . All you need is to keep abreast with our posts on www.thecrime24.com on your computer or smartphone. As long as you have data, you can be part of this dream we are making.

Do not hesitate to send in those feedbacks–they are what will build us. Write to us on editor@thecrime24.com or contact us via our social media pages on Twitter and Facebook as well on WhatsApp.


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