Drunk Ugandan driver ejected from rolling car after leading US police on wild chase

A 24-year-old Ugandan male arrested for driving under the influence. Not named yet and his current health condition unknown to the media but it isn't looking good

US/AGENCIES – A motorists partially identified as a Ugandan Monday morning took police in the US state of Massachusetts on a wild morning chase that ended with a rollover crash that saw the suspected drunk driver ejected from the vehicle, police in  Burlington city said.

Several alcohol bottles were also strewn around the accident scene. State police concluded they had been ejected from the car during the multiple rollover.

The suspect, a 24-year-old male, was arrested for driving under the influence. Police did not reveal his identity and his current health condition at hospital remains unknown to the media.

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If the identity of the suspect turns positive for a Ugandan, it will likely point to the summer weekend party binge that was last weekend. Summer parties were organised at several cities with the Diaspora community letting off.

East Africans in Burlington are said to have organised a party that drew Tanzanian singer Diamond Platinumz.

Burlington is one of the cities with large concentration of Ugandans in the state of Massachusetts. Police in Massachusetts consider Ugandans largely mild-mannered as they rarely get involved in criminal activity.

Reporting on the incident, the Boston News said a Burlington police officer attempted to pull over a vehicle on Middlesex Turnpike about 2am after noticing the driver operating erratically and missing taillights.

The driver, who was initially driving at a low rate of speed, suddenly revved his engine, leaving police on his trail. He soon after exited the highway and turned around driving in the wrong direction.

“The driver attempted to exit the highway again but lost control, causing the car to roll over and crash at the bottom of the highway ramp,” the Boston News quoted police as saying.

The driver was ejected from the vehicle and taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Speaking about the identity of the motorist, the state police said he was a 24-year-old from Uganda; but clarified that multiple forms of conflicting identification were found at the scene and in the vehicle, making it difficult to arrive at a positive identification.

The incident remains under investigation by Burlington police.

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