Relatives of man killed in Kirumira murder arrest demand inquest

HUMAN RIGHTS | Relatives of a man killed during a joint security operation against criminal elements in Kampala have asked court to order an inquest into his death.

Abdulrahman Kateregga last week died from injuries sustained during the operation conducted by a joint team of security agencies in Kampala, with the State later tying him to the assassination of former Old Kampala and Buyende DPC Mohammed Kirumira.

But through Rwakafuzi and Company Advocates, Farouq Kaweesa, Kateregga’s younger brother, has filed an application before the High Court’s Civil Division asking it order an inquest into how he was killed by the army.

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On October 3, 2018, President Museveni announced through social media how Kateregga , who had been one of the suspects in the brutal murder of former Buyende District Police Commander (DPP) had been shot in an operation led by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI).

“I am sure I am speaking on behalf of many of you when I congratulate the CMI squad which arrested a number of suspects in killing of ASP Kirumira on Friday night,” Museveni wrote.

“Quite a number of them will appear in court soon. In the process, one of them, by names of Kateregga Abdu, was shot and later died of his injuries.”

Museveni’s theory per his Facebook post is that “Kateregga was one an ADF terrorist that had benefited from amnesty in the past.”

ADF is rebel outfit that mainly operates in western Uganda and eastern DR Congo and it has been labeled as a terrorist grouo by the authorities in Kampala.

Now, Farouq Kaweesa wants Justice Andrew Bashaija who is handling the case to direct Gen Jeje Odongo, the internal affairs minister, to appoint what he calls a coroner to inquire in to circumstances under which his brother died.

Kaweesa, in his affidavit, says that Kateragga was shot “without warning” on October 5, 2018, by the UPDF while he was at his home found in Namugoona, Lubaga division, Kampala.

Kateregga’s death, according to Kaweesa, was intentionally caused by the military which was not executing a death sentence pronounced by competent court, thus calls for it to ve investigated.

“That the killing was violent and unnatural and therefore, is subject of an inquest under the inquest Act,” Kaweesa says in a novel case drafted by Rwakafuuzi and company advocates.

“That it is necessary that the Minister of Internal Affairs, appoints a coroner to inquire into the lawfulness or otherwise of the death of the subject.”

Separately, Kaweesa wants the same court to order the UPDF and the Attorney General to produce dead or alive Mariam Kateregga, the widow of the now slain Kateregga.

He says that after killing Kateregga the military decided to go with his wife and she has not been seen or heard from, since then.

“That Mrs Mariam Kateregga has not been taken to any competent court and I am advised by my lawyer Ladislaus Rwakafuuzi that her arrest and detention is illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional,” Kaweesa says in his affidavit.

Mariam’s confinement, Kaweesa claims, has left 15 children at home unattended to. Thirteen of these children are her own while others are for her co-wife, Kaweesa says.

“That the children’s age range between two and 17 and the military who arrested her did not bother to inquire about the welfare of the children,” he says.

“I’m informed by my lawyer, Ladislaus Rwakafuzi, that illegal detention is unconstitutional and the subject has a direct right to this court for an order of habeas corpus.”

Though Kateregga’s family is going through clear hardships, in his Facebook post, Museveni put on notice all killers, saying that wages of sin is death, a quote he got from Biblical verse Romans 6:3.

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