Court gives Kanungu Woman MP 10 days to file defence in poisoning suit

MP Elizabeth Karungi is facing an embarrassing faux pas suit at the court filed by Donna Kamuli, who told the court that she survived poisoning masterminded by the legislator who was targeting another woman she suspects of having an affair with her husband.

SCANDAL | The High Court has given Kanungu District Woman MP Elizabeth Karungi 10 days to file her defence in a case in which she was sued for alleged poisoning attempt on a Parliament staff.

MP Karungi is facing an embarrassing faux pas suit at the court filed by Donna Kamuli, who told the court that she survived poisoning masterminded by the legislator who was targeting another woman she suspects of having an affair with her husband.

“You are required to file a defence seeking leave to appear and file a defence within 10 days from the date of service of the summons on you as prescribed by the civil procedure rules, ” reads the summons issued Monday by Joy Kabagye Bahinguza, the court’s assistant registrar.

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“Should you fail to file a defence on or before that date mentioned the plaintiff(s) may proceed with the suit and judgment may be given in your absence.”

Last week, Donna Kamuli filed the civil suit against the legislator alleging poising. Kamuli claimed that Karungi later apologised to her, saying that her target was a woman called Sophie Nassuuna whom her husband was allegedly having an affair with and would pick from Muheki Hostel in Kikoni, near akerere University, every morning.

There was mix up since Kamuli and Nassuuna are both of light skin complexion and worked together at Parliament at the time of the alleged poisoning attempt.

Nassuuna was an intern at that time, court documents say.

Kamuli says that on September 1, between 3pm and 4pm, Karungi, through an agent who acted for her and on her instructions, administered poison through a packed water bottle.

Kamuli suspects the poison was introduced into the water bottle through the bottle cork, which was found spiked. She said trouble started on August 31, at about 7:02pm, when MP Karungi called her by telephone to suggest that they meet, but she promised to call the MP back because she was at a party.

The following morning, the Kanungu MP called again, Kamuli says, This time she demanded to know who was calling her and Karungi introduced herself as Kanungu District Woman MP and that she had something personal to discuss with her.

According to the documents in court, the MP suggested to come to Kamuli’s home. However, Kamuli declined and proposed that they meet at Parliament at 2pm. At 3pm, Kamuli says that she called the MP to remind her of their appointment but Karungi claimed that she as in Najjera.

The MP then came up with another proposal by way of asking if there is a restaurant at Parliamentary Avenue where they could meet. Café Pap, Kamuli responded and within 20 minutes, the MP called again to saying she was at Café Pap and that they could meet there.

Kamuli, apparently, drove to Café Pap where she met the MP, exchanged pleasantries and that Karungi offered to buy for her something and Kamuli chose to take water.

“It took about 15 minutes for the water to be served. The water was served in a glass in which half of the bottle was poured by the waiter,” Kamuli says.

It’s at this juncture that the MP started confiding in Kamuli how her husband was into infidelity, as she encouraged her to drink the water.

Karungi told Kamuli how her husband drives the ‘brown girl’ in her car from Kikoni to Parliament every day. That the girl her husband drives is ‘brown’ and sits at the reception at Parliament, the suit says.

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As the conversation progressed, it’s alleged that MP Karungi, who was still encouraging Kamuli to continue with her drink, revealed to her that she had paid a deposit of Shs20 million to assassins with a balance of Shs60 million to kill the ‘brown girl.’

Kamuli says she got shocked and froze and couldn’t drink the water anymore. She says at this moment, she had drunk half of the water.

Upon regaining her composure, Kamuli says she told the MP that she was not a young girl as she was mature with her first born being 14 years old and that her husband had never driven her in his car.

“Kamuli showed MP Karungi photos, including her estranged husband. The MP’s) body language showed shock and regret though she couldn’t say. With hindsight,  Kamuli was able to discern that Karungi’s reaction was due to her finding out that Kamuli was the wrong target,” the suit file says.

Kamuli avers that as they walked out of the restaurant, she asked Karungi why she decided to have a physical meeting with her yet she could have just called her by telephone.

At that time, Kamuli says the pain in her stomach had intensified “to the level of labour pains.” She says she immediately telephoned the police commandant at Parliament who asked her to put the mineral water upside down and that indeed the top pack was leaking after it was spiked.

Kamuli further states that the Karungi regretted to her that she had realised how an innocent person can be killed in mistaken identity.

“Kamuli cause of action is for damages, compensatory and punitive arising from MP Karungi deliberates poisoning her, and costs of the suit,” the statement of the plaint in court reads in part.

In the case which is now before Justice Lydia Mugambe, Kamuli is demanding damages, on grounds that she has had to seek specialized treatment for the poison at Agha Khan Hospital in Nairobi-Kenya, which has in turn referred her to South Africa for further examination and medical care.

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