Brian Isiko: Woman MP stalker granted bail but fails to raise Shs1 million condition

COURT | Buganda Road Court Grade One Magistrate Stella Ambilis has granted bail to a YMCA student, Brian Isiko who is accused of sending love messages to the Kabarole District woman legislator Sylvia Rwabwogo,.

In accordance with the directive given by High Court judge Jane Jane Frances Abodo, Isiko was Friday re-arraigned before Buganda Road Magistrate’s Court for a re-trial on offences of cyber harassment and offensive communication.

Justice Abodo on Wednesday quashed and set aside Isiko’s conviction and a two-year jail sentence on grounds that the trial magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu illegally changed his plea of not guilty to a plea of guilty without following proper procedures.

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While allowing Isiko’s appeal against both the conviction and sentence, Justice Abodo ruled that Magistrate Gladys Kamasanyu ought to have read and explained the offences and ingredients to Isiko in a language that he best understands before recording his plea.

The judge said that Kamasanyu should now stay clear of the case.

Following that orocedure laid out by Justice Abodo, the charges were re-read to Isiko in Luganda, the language he said he understands best, in court now presided over by Ambilis.

Ramadan Waiswa, Isiko’s lawyer, then presented two sureties, who were deemed substantial by the magistrate.

Things were going according to plan until Ambilis set out the terms and conditions of granting bail. She said that Isiko, a second year student of business studies, must pay Shs1 million cash while his pay one million each – not cash.

This didn’t go down well with Isiko’s friends and relatives, who interpreted this as connivance between the judiciary and the MP to deny their son freedom. I

While securing bail at the High Court following his conviction, Isiko’s family had to part with Shs500,000. This, too, was deemed as exorbitant though they can now reclaim it since the High Court process is over, for now.

“We don’t have that money,” Godfrey Wakopi, an uncle and who doubled as one of Isiko’s surety, said. “We don’t know what that woman [MP Sylvia Rwabwogo] wants from us.”

On his part, Waiswa wasn’t sure what do since Isiko’s family and friends weren’t prepared to part with the said money.

“If we fail to get money by close of today,” Waiswa explained, “We can file an application seeking a review of bail conditions and terms.”

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