Police to train 3000 officers in CCTV camera management

SECURITY | The Police Force has started training and equipping officers with closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera management skills to help them handle the ongoing national safe city CCTV project.

Yusuf Sewanyana, the deputy director of information and communication technology at Uganda Police Force, said about 3,000 monitoring agents have been selected from different categories such operators, traffic, field officers, command and control, technical engineers, computer scientists and technicians.

They will be trained to manage the day-to-day operations of the system and its maintenance, he said.

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“We will train specialists in power management, video analysis, artificial intelligence, machine language,” Sewanyana said, adding that some officers are already receiving practical training in installing equipment in data centers, aligning fibers, installing monitor walls and cameras.

Uganda Police recently installed and equipped the National CCTV Control and Command Centre at Natete Police Station as part of broader efforts to advance technological scope of fighting crime in urban centres.

On October 9, President Museveni commissioned the newly installed CCTV cameras in Kampala and reiterated the government’s commitment to wipe out urban crime.

The president said the establishment of the National CCTV Control and Command Centre indicates that he means business ion keeping Uganda safe.

“We mean cameras, drones, and other means. All those areas are being strengthened in the towns as they were in the countryside. When we say strengthening, we mean strengthening,” Museveni said.

A total of 150 CCTV cameras were tested to monitor Lungujja, Old Kampala, Rubaga, Kasubi, Kawaala, Kabowa, Natete, Mutundwe, and surrounding areas.

The equipment will enable monitoring of most of the crimes ranging from traffic crimes, robbery, and terrorism among other crimes, Police said.

The CCTV project is President’s Museveni’s answer to increase in crime in the city, especially assassination of high-profile personalities.

Officers urged on commitment

Speaking to some trainees at Natete Police Station, Haruna Isabirye, director of Human Resource Development at Uganda Police Force, urged the officers to be committed if the national CCTV project is to be a success.

“Grasp the objectives of this project, understand the concept and be committed, it’s a multiplier effect where these machines will help us in easy policing and fighting against crime, investigations , response detect and prevent crime,” he said, adding that they should be competent and have good attitude to manage the system.

The security cameras were installed by Chinese Company Huawei.

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