Ochola fires Kabalye Police Training School commandant over corruption

MASINDI | Police chief Martin Okoth Ochola has fired Commandant of Kabalye Police Training School for reportedly conniving with a contractor to do shoddy work on new students’ dormitories under construction.

Commissioner of Police Micheal Mugabi has been replaced by a junior, Assistant Commissioner of Police Abubaker Ziwedde, who has been on senior command and staff course in Rwanda.

According to a Police source, the sacking follows IGP Ochola’s tour of the dormitory buildings in Kabalye. During the tour, Ochola discovered that the dorms, which will be housing officers while on training, are in bad shape yet they have not been occupied.

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It is indicated that the construction process is being overseen by police engineer SP Raymond Kyasanku under logistics and engineering directorate, who source say is likely to face the wrath of Ochola in the course of the investigations he commissioned.

It is reported that the contractor, in connivance with Kabalye police leadership and a police engineer, used substandard building materials which have caused dormitory ceilings to carve in even before they are occupied by police officers who are undergoing training.

It is further stated that the contractor, also in connivance with police engineer who is a supervisor, used fake or substandard paint on walls. The paints have already started peeling off.

They are also reported to have either used a fake cement or unequal ratio of cement to sand which have caused cracks in the walls which puts lives of those who will occupy them in danger.

A source further narrated that the furious IGP during his visit to pass out CID officers in August at the school made an impromptu inspection of the facility and wondered how the commandant could fail to supervise the construction work to ensure standards.

Ochola also ordered CID Director Grace Akullo to open a general Inquiry File and record statements from all people involved including the contractor for possible prosecution for causing loss to government.

The police chief also suggested that Police Advisory Committee convenes a special sitting at Kabalye to analyse the expenditure on the five building blocks being supervised by the directorate of Logistics and Engineering under AIGP Godfrey Bangirana.

The probe will likely multiply the troubles for Bangirana, who is in the crosshairs of of the Inspectorate of Government (IGG) to explain the exorbitant cost at which a junk helicopter was repaired.

According to a petition to IGG by a concerned citizen, AIGP Bangirana, who approved the repair of the said junk chopper at Shs10 billion, is accused of superintending over gross procurement flaws that have not only affected the Police but also the various suppliers who have contracts with the force.

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