No UPDF soldier was involved in Nansana road rage, say security

A road rage incident saw a motorist attack a taxi driver who had scratched his car, leading onlookers to react angrily and attack him too.

KAMPALA | Police and the military have refuted allegations that a UPDF soldier survived lynch Monday morning after allegedly assaulting a motorist who had scratched his car.

The clarifications follow Monday morning news widely shared on social media that a soldier driving a Land Cruiser in Nansana suburb of the city had attacked a taxi driver with a hoe, prompting irate onlookers to retaliate and beat up and arrested.

However, this news website has since established that the news of the incident was largely exaggerated to generate fake news.

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Police said there was indeed an accident which resulted to assault and mob action in the morning in Nansana.

“The driver driver of a Land Cruiser UAM 617D, identified as Gerald Kayondo, assaulted and injured a taxi driver identified as Richard Seruga over a minor incident on the road,” Luke Oweyesigire, the Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, said.

Onlookers had been enraged by Seruga’s conduct and reacted by attacking him. They also set his car ablaze.

“Seruga was taken to Mulago Hospital while Kayondo has been arrested and is being detained at Nansana Police Station,” the met publicist said, adding that the suspect would be charged with causing grievous harm.

Defence spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire said no UPDF personnel or vehicle was involved in an accident in Nansana.

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