Nansana man arrested for having ‘too many’ flat screen TVs

CRIME | A 24-year-old man from Nansana in Kampala has been taken into custody after being found in possession of an assortment of electronic gadgets, including several flat screen television sets, Police said.

Police in Nansana say the suspect, a resident of Namungoona, Luyinja, could not explain how he came to own all the items found in his possession and was taken into custody on suspicion that the items were stolen.

The suspect was found with a number of flat screen TVs of different sizes and models.

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“Upon arrest the suspect was asked to account for the items in his possession which he failed to provide a proof of ownership,” Police said.

Police are investigating the line that the suspect has been responsible for several burglaries, thefts and house break-ins in Nansana.

The suspect was arrested following a tip-off from the community about a young man who was bringing into his house flat screen TVs every week.

Police also claim that they had been searching for the suspect the previous night in connection with home burglaries in the area.

“Two of the recovered flat screen TVs have been identified by the rightful owners who told police they had previously reported to Nabweru Police Station cases of house break-in where a number of their properties had been stolen.

The suspect is currently detained at Nansana Police Station on charges of being in possession of suspected stolen property, house break-in and theft.

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