Mariachi settles assault case with Traffic Police officer out of court

The comedian last month beat up a Traffic Police officer who refused to let him use the wrong side of the road, claiming he pays taxes for the officer's salary.

ASSAULT – Comedian Charles Kasozi, aka Mariachi, has asked prosecution to withdraw criminal charges against him, saying he has reached a settlement with a Traffic Police officer.

Mariachi and his bodyguard Michael Bunjo were facing criminal charges related to assault on a Traffic Police officer on duty last month.

The two committed on June 30 in Mengo while headed for a show in Masaka District.

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Eldard Kamugisha, an officer attached to Old Kampala Police Station Traffic Department, who was directing traffic, had stopped the two for driving on the wrong side of a one-way traffic, but Mariachi had reacted angrily and verbally abused the officer before assaulting him.

But Crime24 understands that a month down the road, Kamugisha, whose uniform was torn during the assault, has agreed to make peace with Marianchi, according to the comedian’s legal representative.

“The complainant and the accused person have since reconciled and wish to settle the matter out of court and the reconciliation was done in good faith. An additional statement was done by the complainant and it’s on court record,” reads the letter seeking for the charges to be dropped.

“We pray that the prosecution withdraws the criminal charge against our client. This settlement will save court’s time and backlog of cases.”

Making a fool of himself

Mariachi, a 30-year-old member of Uganda Comedy Store, together with his bodyguard Bunjo, assaulted Kamugisha, tearing his uniform on the evening of June 30 at Mengo. It is not yet clear how Mariachi ended up making such a fool of himself, but Kampala Metropolitan Police said in a statement upon Mariachi’s arrest that the comedian rudely demanded right of way on a single lane traffic and shouted in the officer’s face speaks volumes.

He also hit Kamugisha with elbows on the face.

Police say Mariachi (right) elbowed a Traffic Police officer on duty in the face, tore his uniform and verbally assaulted him | COURTESY.

In a complaint, Kamugisha had told Police that he asked asked Mariachi to reverse and use the correct way as he was causing a gridlock, but the comedian refused, insisting that he was in a hurry.

The Traffic Police officer then ordered for vehicle particulars and driving permit of Mariachi, prompting the enraged comedian to step out of his vehicle and turning the laughter he causes those listening to him into anguish this time with verbal assault.

“I pay tax that pays your salary and just one single phone call can get you dismissed from the force. Get the hell out of my way I have a show to attend to in Masaka,” Police quoted Mariachi as telling off the Traffic Police officer.

Mariachi was on the evening of June 30 detained at Old Kampala Police Station vide SD reference 63/30/06/2018 and charged with four counts of careless driving, obstructing an officer on lawful duty, causing damage to government stores and assault.

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