Minister tasked to produce report on Afande Kirumira assassination

Parliament observes a minute of silence in tribute to former Buyende DPC Mohammed Kirumira, pushes for a report

PARLIAMENT | Members of Parliament have demanded that State Minister for Internal Affairs Kania Obiga tables a report on the gruesome murder of former Buyende District Police Commander (DPC) Mohammed Kirumira.

The decision was moved by Lwemiyaga County MP Theodore Ssekikubo, who requested the Speaker to allow the House be informed on the security problems in the country and also discuss solutions to following the recent assassination of Kirumira.

Kirumira, who was at the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police, was brutally murdered by assassins said to have been riding on boda boda on Saturday evening. The assassins attacked when he near his home in Bulenga, a city suburb, killing him on the spot.

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In the Hades, Kirumira joins his idol Felix Kaweesi and MP Ibrahim Abiriga, all killed in similar style near their homes, and others like Joan Kagezi, Maj Muhammed Kiggundu.

With each of the high profile killings, there have been calls for investigators to release a report, but the murders remain unresolved.

Kadaga tries to deflect motion

in Parliament, Speaker noted that it was not proper for Ssekikubo to “hijack” her on such an important subject without first informing her.

However, Ssekikubo’s motion was defended by Kalungu West MP Joseph Ssewungu, who accused the ministers of always waiting members to push them to respond on matters of national importance yet it would have been their initiative to request space on the order paper to address the house on such matters.

“Why should a responsible minister wait for us to push them to address matters of national importance such as this?” Ssewungu wondered as he addressed Obiga..

Ssewungu was joined by Butebo Woman MP Agnes Amedo who wondered why security officers never accorded Kirumira enough security yet he kept revealing extremely sensitive and dangerous information to the state.

“Why wasn’t Kirumira accorded the relevant protection yet he kept revealing that his life was under threat well knowing that he was a key witness in some court cases,” Amede demanded.

Bukoto East MP, Florence Kamayanja said: “Kirumira has been raising issues of threats ; something must be done in the country not to wait for unfortunate incidents to happen, we can’t keep lamenting after things have happened.”

The outspoken senior cop came out full throttle to expose the rot in the Police Force, particularly concerning his former boss Gen Kale Kayihura, whom he accused of working with criminals.

For stirring the waters, Kirumira was arrested and spent 23 days in detention at the dreaded Nalufenya detention facility in Jinja, He was also later demoted and suspended from the Force.

Minister Obiga informed the House that the authorities were carrying out more investigations and would not want to report with half-baked information.

Obiga said the plan is that by Thursday, investigators should have pieced together some clues on the murder of Kirumira.

Earlier, Parliament had observed a moment of silence to the late Kirumira, whom the Speaker described as a very courageous and brave young man who stood out to fight corruption, indiscipline, impunity and fraud in the Uganda police force.

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