Woman to spend five years in jail for defilement

Harriet Atapar, 30, gave her victim waragi and then had overnight with him.

LIRA | Harriet Atapar will be 35 years old and probably wiser when he walks out of jail having a leaned the harsh way that her desire for sex cannot be legally fulfilled with boys below the age of consent.

The High Court sitting in Lira District on Wednesday sentenced Atapar sentenced to five years in prison for defiling a 14-year-old boy at Market Square in Lira town.

Court heard that Atapar defiled the teenage boy after offering him alcohol.

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Prosecution told court presided over by Justice Alex Mackay Ajiji that on March 27, 2018, at 4pm, Atapar bought a sachet of crude alcohol (waragi) and gave it to the victim before luring him into sexual intercourse.

The court heard that the victim had disappeared from their home at Market Square village on the evening of March 27, and returned the following morning.

The boy’s uncle, Hamza Oula, said the victim told him that he had spent a night at the home of the woman who had asked him to call her sweetheart’.

The court also heard that Atapar was later arrested and taken to Lira regional referral hospital for medical check-up upon which she tested ‘positive for HIV. However, her victim tested negative.

Appearing before the Lira High Court judge during a plea bargain session on Wednesday, Atapar pleaded guilty to the offence before asking for lenience.

While delivering his verdict, Judge Ajiji said Atapar saved the court’s time by pleading guilty to charges of aggravated defilement.

“On your own plea of guilty of aggravated defilement, which is contrary to Section 129 (3) and 4 (b) of the Penal Code Act, and having saved court’s time, you are sentenced to five years imprisonment,” said Justice Ajiji.

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