Family, lawyers of brutalised Kawooya demand security agencies produce him in court

RIGHTS | Family and lawyers representing Yusuf Kawooy, who was brutally arrested by gun-toting security agents, have asked the high court to order the state to produce in court.

Kawooya, a member of the Uganda Young Democrats, the youth wing of the Democratic Party, was last week corned by four security agents on Colville Street in Kampala and brutally pummelled.

The incident, captured on video, took place before a watchful and cowed members of the public in traffic, with the agents who carried AK47 assault rifles repeatedly using their guns to strike Kawooya.

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However, since the Thursday arrest, his whereabouts and the reason for the arrest remained a mystery. On Tuesday, security allowed his family to visit him in detention but barred lawyers access.

Now Caleb Alaka and Kenneth Paul Kakande have filed an application on the instructions of Kawooya’s brother Sulaiman Kawooya and family, who state that since his arrest, they have not been allowed to access him, nor his doctor yet he is in a sorry state having been brutally beaten, a result of which he is oozing blood through his private parts.

They asked the High Court to issue orders compelling the Chief of Defence Forces, Gen David Muhoozi, the IGP Martin Okoth Ochola, the Commandants of security agencies like CMI to produce Kawooya in court dead or alive.

Kawooya was earlier in the day found to be detained at SIU in Kireka.

The lawyers maintain that the constitutional 48-hour requirement within which a suspect is supposed to be held have lapsed, with no holding charge being preferred against their ailing client.

The lawyers return to court on Wednesday to formally get a hearing date from the Deputy Registrar In charge of Civil Matters, since the staff at the Court Registry have received the application for a Writ of Habeas Corpus.

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