Bobi Wine scoffs at Police as TV stations are ‘ordered’ against live broadcast of return

Bobi Wine says Police cannot decide who welcomes him but TV stations silently directed to not run live footage of his return

CROSSFIRE | A major confrontation between Robert Kyagulanyi and his supporters with security agencies appears all but certain on Thursday after the Kyaddondo East legislator assured Police that they have no business deciding who welcomes him back home.

The State appears to have moved in early to preempt any eventualities, with several local television stations already having received “instructions” not to telecast live proceedings of Bobi Wine’s return.

Kyagulanyi, better known as Bobi Wine, is airborne from US where he had gone for further medical management following allegations of torture at the hands of state agents.

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“I’m wondering why these Police officers allow themselves to descend so low. They now want to decide who picks me and where I go upon arrival? Well, for your information, no single family member will receive me at the airport, I will find them home because I know where home is!” he said in a tweet

The pop-politician is expected in the country Thursday and Police have moved in fast to issue traffic and related security guidelines on his welcome as well as supporters base.

Earlier on Wednesday, Police said that only Bobi Wine’s family would be allowed at Entebbe International Airport to welcome him and that procession by his supporters would not be allowed anywhere.

“Police will further ensure law and order for all road users. There shall be no unlawful rallies, processions and assemblies. Any activity that entails a public gathering must be in conformity with the provisions of Public Order Management Act,” Police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said.

But Bobi Wine, responding to the security guidelines, retorted: “The Police have no business telling me who receives me and who cannot or where I go and where I cannot. This impunity must stop now. Wama see you friends tomorrow,”

Bobi Wine, who was arrested in the wake of clashes during Arua Municipality by-election last month, said he will be received by friends, colleague leaders and artistes.

“I will then go and see my sick grandmother briefly at Najjanankumbi from where I will head to Kamwokya for lunch with my family (brothers and sisters) before I go to my home in Magere,” he said of his programme.

While using the hash tag #PeoplePower #OurPower, the legislator said that he is a free Ugandan with the right to move freely in the country.

But Police maintain that the MP will be driven straight to his home and will not be allowed to address any public gathering.

‘No live broadcast’

Meanwhile, in a move similar to Opposition leader Kizza Besigye’s return from Nairobi, Kenya, in 2011, several local television stations have been “warned” against live telecast of Thursday’s events involving Bobi Wine.

This news website could not readily establish the source of the “order” but most stations appear to have shown willingness to comply with the directive.

On May 12, 2011, Besigye, who had been tortured and left for dead by agents led by overzealous Gilbert Arinaitwe, chose to return home on the same date as President Museveni was swearing in.

With most television stations glued to Kololo Airstrip for the main event, Besigye’s return saw a mammoth crowd at Entebbe airport and along Entebbe Road.

NBS Television had done the unthinkable and gone ahead to broadcast both the swearing in and Besigye return concurrently by breaking their screen but most of the time pulling full screen for events on Entebbe Road.

Other stations largely stayed with Kololo event.

That day started NBS TV’s love affair with the public when it comes to live reporting of political events, but there might be no report this time as insiders say they are under strict instructions to stay in lane.

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