Police: No way our officer Kentaro was spying on Bobi Wine

Pamela Kentaro says she was in Mombosa for a workshop and has proof,, including a letter form the Judiciary seeking her release to go attend the anti-money laundering training workshop

KAMPALA | A viral social media allegation that a policewoman was deployed to spy on Kyaddondo East MP Robert Kyagulanyi during his sojourn in the US and throughout his return flight has no iota of truth in it, Police have said.

The allegations that Pamela Kentaro, who is at the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police, was spying on Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, went viral after Henry Kakensa, a social media blogger, posted on his Facebook page a photo of the legislator and Kentaro beside him.

The picture shows Kentaro in civilian clothes.

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A paranoid section of Bobi Wine’s supporters, driven by the craze for fake news, shared the information claiming that their political figurehead had been spied on by the State while in the US and back.

The post was widely shared, creating that Kentaro was some Virginia Hall in the making.

But Police Friday explained that Kentaro had not been to the US in the recent past and was instead from Mombosa in Kenya for a training workshop.

“Kentaro was nominated by the Judiciary to go for a course in Mombasa Kenya that was scheduled from September 17 to 19 and the return ticket was for September 20, the day that Bobi Wine was also coming back,” Police said in a statement.

A copy of a September 12 letter from the Judiciary seeking approval and release of Kentaro, among other officers to attend the Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (consultancy) workshop, was also shared to the public as proof that the spying claims are false.

The letter, signed by Justice Margaret Tibulya of the Anti-Corruption Court, sought for the release of George Komurubuga, Herbert Mulumba, Lawrence Ogenmungu and Joseph Kyenda as the other officers to attend the workshop alongside Kentaro.

But unlike Virginia Hall and other world renowned spies like George Blake who could spy in uniform, Police said they cannot deploy anybody who is “already exposed in uniform” to do undercover operation, “more so someone who is already known to the target as a Police Officer.”

While deployed in Counter Terrorism unit, Kentaro and Bobi Wine were acquainted as she was one of the officer who would provide security at his events.

“It’s false to allege that the officer was on a spying mission. Covert operations are not done the way social media is trying to portray,” Police said.

The gravity of the allegations had compelled Kentaro to explain her position but the WhatsApp chat was leaked on social media in an attempt to counter the allegations of spying.

It didn’t serve its purpose and some users questioned her claims that Bobi Wine had asked her to take a seat across the aisle as he sat with Kasese Woman MP Winnie Kiiza.

Kentaro is not willing to comment further on the allegations, instead referring this news website to Judge Tibulya’s letter for her proof of innocence.

Kentaro currently serves in the Directorate of Human Rights and Legal Services.

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