Journalist, estranged wife fight over Shs600m house in Seeta

Former New Vision and Daily Monitor reporter Fred Womakuyu and estranged wife Flavia Omondi fight for Shs600 million house in Seeta that Womakuyu has already solf off.

NATIONAL | Former Bugabula North MP candidate Flavia Omondi has accused her estranged husband Fredrick Womakuyu of fraudulently selling off a palatial property the couple jointly owned.

Omondi says Womakuyu used the services of dubious dealers to acquire fresh deeds for the Shs1.2 billion property — his own valuation — in Seeta, Mukono, “well knowing that our divorce settlement is before court.”

But Womakuyu told this news website that he had sold off “my property” and there’s a new occupant in the house.

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“Flavia Omondi is no longer my wife. She’s cohabiting with Robert Musoke. I can confirm that I processed a title and sold off my property because the lady is someone’s wife. She longer belongs to me,” he said, adding that the new occupant has been in the house for two months now.

Robert Musoke is Budiope West MP. Womukuyu sensationally accused the legislator of “stealing” his wife Omondi despite denials from the other parties.

But Omondi instead says she moved out of the matrimonial house with her two sons, after a series of domestic violence cases, to save her life.

“I left Womakuyu in the house. He used this chance to get buyers and sold off the property to Jacob Kiplangat, a car dealer with Chelongos Motors in Kalerwe, a city suburb,” she said.

Kiplangat confirmed buying the house from Womakuyu, who was in the company of another woman introduced during the transaction as his wife.

Omondi scorned

Womakuyu and Omondi during their marriage introduction in 2013

n a December 13, 2018 mutual agreement to end the marriage, the estranged couple agreed to sell off the eight-bedroom house in Lumuli, Seeta, divide household property and share custody of their two children.

But when a buyer came along, Omondi said, Womakuyu contacted the LC1 chairperson for Lumuli village, Joseph Egesa, to witness the transaction. Egesa, she added, refused to get involved in her absence.

“When this failed, Womakuyu connived with the original vendors, Jackson Wandera Ssekandi and Mzeei Asafu Wandera, who I believe was compromised by his son Ssekandi and Womakuyu,” she said.

“Ssekandi signed new transfer forms for Kiplangat and created their own LCs to sign for them on the documents.”

The prime property had no land title, so any transactions intended for the sale was to rely on transfer agreements.

Efforts to contact Egesa on the allegations were futile but Womakuyu confirmed getting fresh deeds that he used to sell off the house.”I can confirm that I processed a title and sold off my property because the lady is someone’s wife,” he said, maintaining that Omondi has been trying to raise political capital for 2021 electioneering from the same property but that he had outsmarted her.On learning of what was going on, Omondi ran to lands office and put a caveat on the land title. But the parties forged ahead and secured deeds that effected their transaction.”I called Kiplangat to warn him about the purchase stressing that the contested property is matrimonial property, that we were in court for a divorce and he was trespassing but its like he knew what he was doing because he was very adamant and arrogant at it knowing he would be able to get a title probably through the back door,” she said.
Kiplangat admitted receiving a call from Omondi warning about the property, but maintained that he was just an innocent buyer with no ties to any fraudulent dealings.”She called me two weeks ago. I need to meet her to get details. However, I can’t connive with Womakuyu, she could be mistaken as I am just an innocent buyer.” he said.ContestedSince hitting rock bottom, both Womakuyu and Omondi have claimed rightful ownership of the family house, which appears to have been at the centre of their marital woes.Womakuyu, a former Daily Monitor and New Vision journalist, insists he saved from his earning while sojourning with a UN agency, but Omondi contests the claims, saying her estranged husband only contributed about Shs4.7 million toward purchase of the land.Going sleazy, she accused him of pillaging funds meant for the construction of the house from her purse and being jobless and just “waiting in the bedroom for food and sex” at the time the house was being constructed off her sweat.

“The time I built that house, Womakuyu was unemployed. He had no financial contribution to the building process apart from supervision of the site of which even transport to the site and upkeep was from my sweat,” she fumed.

“We had a serious misunderstanding when I had gone to South Africa for training. It was so bad that I even told him to move out of my house that I shouldn’t find him and his response was ‘if you are tired of me, lets sell this house and divide.'”

Omondi says she will not stop fighting for her rights on the property that she believes has been sold off fraudulently and at giveaway price “with Kiplangat giving Womakuyu a house in Gayaza and a car as some form of barter trade and maybe a little top up because they had negotiated for Shs600 million.”

Womakuyu admitted that their divorce settlement was still before court but maintained he had the right to sell of the property as it belongs to him. He also rubbished the talks of placing caveat on the property.

“Her caveat is dated May 14, but I got the title on May 8 and handed over the house to the buyer after getting my full payment already,” he said.

However, a copy of a caveat forbidding registration of any change of proprietorship of the contested house that this website has seen is dated April 2, 2019. The caveat, prepared by Arthur Mwebesa of Mwebesa and Co Advocates, was received by the Ministry of Lands on April 4.

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