IGG orders sacking of Jinja accountant over academic papers

Jaffar Bogere forged academic documents after dropping out of MUBS while a Kamuli account shared academic papers with a teacher, says IGG

JINJA – The Inspectorate General of Government (IGG) has recommended the dismissal of Bugembe Town Council accounts assistant Jaffar Bogere over questionable academic documents used in securing the job.

It is believed Bogere lacks requisite academic qualifications to occupy the office of accounts assistant where allegedly presented papers of his younger brother, Kafude Bakali, to the District Service Commissions (DSC).

Information available indicates that Bogere, who does not hold a diploma in accounts, forged the certificate from Makerere University Business School (MUBS) where he enrolled but did not complete the course.

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“The transcript for Diploma in Business Administration Registration Number B/03/U/6145/PS was not issued by MUBS,” IGG letter, which cited a communication from MUBS Registrar, reads in part.

The letter, addressed to Jinja CAO and signed by Mariam Wangadya on behalf of IGG Irene Mulyagonja, indicates that Bogere confessed to have forged the paper which he used to get the job.

“Bogere conceded that although he enrolled for diploma at MUBS, he did not complete his studies and he later forged the diploma which he submitted to DSC,” the letter reads.

The IGG has consequently asked the CAO to save taxpayers from incurring unnecessary expenses by striking Bogere’s name fro the payroll.

“In view of the above, you are required to immediately delete Jaffar Bogere from payroll of Jinja District and submit him to DSC for appropriate disciplinary action, including dismissal from the service for forgery and uttering false academic document,” the IGG said.

The Ombudsman has also asked the Police to open investigations with a view of prosecuting Bogere before the courts of law over the offences.

Kamuli accountant, teacher share papers

Meanwhile Bogere has company not far off at the nearby Kamuli where the IGG has instructed the CAO to delete district senior accounts assistant Alex Baleese over impersonation and forgery of academic documents.

Kamuli neighbours Jinja District to the south.

According to the IGG, the Kamuli account shares academic document  with a teacher at St Stephen SS Budondo in Jinja.

Investigations, the IGG said, found out that Baleese did not present his original document while applying and during the interview for the job.

The IGG said the two cases are just tips of more than 10,000 scandals in the 10 districts in Busoga sub region where theft and embezzlement of public fund, corruptions, bribery, abuse of offices among others are currently under prob.

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