MP Okumu demands audit into operations of local govt association

PARLIAMENT | Aswa County MP Reagan Okumu has demanded a special audit into activities of  Uganda Local Government Association (Ulga), saying it is a private body but relies on taxpayers money to run its activities.

Okuma, who chairs the Public Accounts Committee on Local Government, was forced to step forward and make the demand following media statements that Ulga  leadership questioned the authenticity of the committee’s report.

He told Parliament that Ulga continues to spend taxpayers’ money that it collects from all districts yet it is simply an association of district Chairpersons and sub-county chairpersons.

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“I seek your indulgence, Madam Speaker, to ask the Auditor General to audit Ulga because it has come to our attention that Ulga, which is a private association, gets Shs6 million per district every year for membership,” Okumu said.

“Last financial year, they got the money directly from the Ministry of Finance. I think now we have 130 districts whether you are new or old you must pay since it is deducted automatically.”

Last week, Ulga leaders expressed reservations with the PAC local government committee report, accusing Okumu of being “insensitive” for “continuously accusing the local government of incompetence and corruption.”

On Thursday, Okumu said that the comments coming from Ulga members are so unfortunate given the fact that they haven’t even had a chance of seeing the contents of the report.

Okumu said that Local Government Accounts committee does not deal with ULGA since it is a private association and not a government department.

“What they are doing is something irregular, this is an association formed for chairpersons of districts so I want to finally request through you madam speaker we need to reach to the auditor general because these are public funds for these fellows to be audited and they have no right, our mandate is with accounting officers not with chairmen of districts.”

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