Processing driving permit incurs double payment, man wants tells court

FAIRNESS | A private citizen has petitioned the Constitutional Court to end what he calls “double payment” in processing of driving permit.

Any citizen of Uganda interested in obtaining a new permit pays URA Shs30,000 for URA leaner permit and Shs2,500 for URA test fee, Henry Otim says, in petition he personally drafted.

Upon passing the test, he says, the applicant parts with Shs150,000 for a new driving permit.

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“Unfortunately, after paying all the required fees, URA doesn’t deliver any service to Ugandans,” Otim, who claims to have carried out research among key stakeholders about the process of obtaining driving permits, says in the petition.

“Instead URA sends Ugandans to Face Technology and Uganda Police inspector of vehicles for fresh payment for the services already paid to URA.”

Face Technology, a South African company that was contracted by the government in 2003 to design and produce computerised driving permits, has been listed as fifth respondent.

Otim says Face Technology charges Shs80,000 for a new permit and Shs30,000 for a learners driving permit.

Uganda Police, which will be represented by the Attorney General as and when the case comes up for hearing, asks for fresh driving test fees of Shs50,000, which Otim says contravenes Article 1(2), (3), and Article 164(1) of the Constitution.


Any person renewing a driving permit in Uganda, he says, must pay a driving permit renewal fess of Shs130,000 to URA.

Despite paying that money, URA doesn’t reciprocate with a service but still sends Ugandans to Face technology to make fresh payment of Shs80,000 for renewal of driving permit.

Otim said this should be ruled as unconstitutional by the court.

The petitioner also wants the court to first issue a permanent injunction blocking Police, Face Technology from receiving any revenue directly from taxpayers for processing driving permits.

“Court orders the respondent to unconditionally refund taxpayers revenue together with interest for all the years face technology and Uganda police force have been receiving revenue from taxpayers,”
Otim says.

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