Bagyenda fails to account source of wealth before IGG

CORRUPTION | The Inspector General of Government (IGG) has completed investigations into allegations of illicit accumulation of wealth by former Bank of Uganda (BoU) Executive Director for Supervision Justine Bagyenda.

Speaking at the launch of the anti-corruption sensitization campaign at Uganda Media Centre early this week, Deputy IGG George Bamugemereire appeared to paint a gloomy future for the ‘irony lady’ as Bagyenda was known at BoU, when he said that IGG is only waiting for the Leadership Code Tribunal to be put in place so as to vanish it with their findings.

He revealed that their investigations focused on whether the alleged things (properties/wealth) against Bagyenda do exist. He added that she was also questioned on the source of her money.

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Quoting the law, Bamugemereire, said if the IGG is satisfied with the explanation of the person under investigation, a report is made and if the not satisfied, the person is referred to the Leadership Tribunal, which he says will be put in place very ‘soon’.

In simple terms, the IGG was dissatisfied with Bagyenda’s explanation regarding the source of her wealth, a thing that will see her appear before the Leadership Code Tribunal for further questioning.

In June this year, the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) revealed that it had finalized its investigations into money laundering allegations against Bagyenda.

FIA Executive Director Sydney Asubo said they (FIA) had already handed over the report findings to police and the Inspector General of Government (IGG) for further action.

It is worth noting that the public demanded for investigations against Bagyenda after her leaked bank accounts showed that she had transactions of up to Shs20bn in a period of about six years.

Her vast properties in Kampala and other parts of the country also leaked, leaving Ugandans wondering how magical she was in making money.

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