Anti-graft court issues criminal summons for former Kampala police boss Bakaleke

KAMPALA | Anti-Corruption Court has issued criminal summons to former Kampala South Regional Police Commander Siraje Bakaleke and seven others charged with kidnap-related offences.

Grade One Magistrate Peter Fred Lochomin was compelled to issue the summons after Bakaleke and his co-accused failed to show up in court on Wednesday.

Bakaleke’s troubles, according to the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) stem from kidnap of three South Korean nationals, Ha Dongsub, Jang Seungkwon, Park Seunghoon, with the sole purpose of defrauding them and the accused are now expected to come to Lochomin’s court on October 4, 2018, lest they will get arrested.

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The sanctions against Bakaleke, one of the top commanders in the force until last year, was drafted by the Force and sent to DPP Mike Chibita for approval.

The charge sheet says that Bakaleke, together with police officers: Munezero Robert, Innocent Nuwagaba, Robert Asiimwe, Junior Amanya and Babu Gastavas and Kenneth Zirintusa, between February 4 and 11, 2018 in Kampala caused the kidnap of Dongsub, Seungkwon, and Seunghoon with intent to cause them to be secretly and wrongly confined.

Separately, Bakaleke , who is at the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police and the aforementioned police officers are accused by the state for wrongfully arresting and confining Dongsub, Seungkwon , Seunghoon which the DPP says was in abuse of the authority and their offices.

Still in the same charge sheet, Bakaleke’s woes are compounded by the fact the DPP accuses conspiring with private citizens such as Paul Mugoya Wanyoto, a resident of Kiwatule, and Samuel Nabeta Mulowooza, the managing director of EyePower Eng. Company, to defraud Mcklinley Resource Company of $ 415,000 (about Shs1.5 billion).

Singularly, Wanyoto is battling with charge of stealing $415,000 from Mcklinely. The DPP alleges that while Wanyoto was at Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) in Kampala, he stole the money since he had access to the office by the virtue of his position as the Managing Director of the company.

Of all accused persons only Nabeta was present in court while the charges were being read and he was consequently given bail having presented three sureties who the court deemed to be substantive.

The magistrate ordered Nabeta, as one of the conditions of granting bail, to surrender his passport to the anti-graft court registrar and also deposit shs 4 million in cash.

Bakaleke ‘s problems have now accumulated ever since Inspector General of Police (IGP), Martins Okoth Ochola, a couple of months ago, suspended him once investigations into allegations of extorting $400,000 (Shs1.4b) from three South Korean nationals commenced.

Though former IGP Kale Kayihura had instructed that Bakaleke and his co-conspirators be tried at the police disciplinary tribunal this was over turned once Ochola took over. He ordered that they should be criminally charged in the courts of law and that’s what has been today.

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