Jilted DStv general manager’s wife lifts the lid on extra marital scandal

Multichoice Uganda thrown into scandal after wife of embattled MD exposes his tryst with staffer in a Dubai hotel

SCANDAL – Embattled Multichoice Uganda general manager Charles Hamya might need to visit South Africa fast, not to plead his case with his employers at the headquarters, but rather to seek the intervention of veteran sangomas in his string of troubles.

Just when he is still contending with the loss of faith in his leadership, Hamya now faces one of the worst mares a man would ever wish to contend with – his jilted wife has gone haywire and decided that she will throw not only the sink at her husband but also the dirty utensils with it.

Crusid Matovu, who says she married Hamya in 2016, has written to Multichoice Uganda staff lifting the lid on office affair between Hamya and one of his employees, Phoebe Nakabazzi.

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Nakabazzi is the marketing manager at the pay television service provider.

Scorned to the last dregs of her sanity, Matovu, who is suspected of leaking information about Multichoice Uganda to the media earlier this year, has decided that the last resort of exposing the affair to the public would probably compel her husband to apply the brakes she craves and Nakabazzi to stay away from the married man in Hamya.

In April, Multichoice Uganda was rocked when allegations about the company’s failings went public, with the media getting to know of a raft of issues that are apparently clogging the operations of DStv.

High among them were allegations that complacency and lack of strict controls on marketing and advertising, with Nakabazzi’s name featuring among the staffers who were slacking on duty with the blessing of Hamya.

The information, suspected to have been leaked by a jilted Matovu as a way to get the woman who was making her husband talk his sleep get the sack. But this appears to have failed, leading Matovu to take the final chips in her bag out. And it is dirty.

Writing to DStv staff, Matovu said her email was to bring to light the unethical actions of two of your employees who also happen to be in leadership positions within the company.

“Hamya and Nakabazzi started having an affair shortly after Nakabazzi joined the company. After multiple attempts to resolve this matter privately, this affair has continued against our marital vows,” she said.

Nakabazzi previously worked at Uganda Breweries Ltd and her cross-over to DStv, the affair now suggests, was largely facilitated by Hamya on the carpet.

Matovu accuses Nakabazzi of continued disrespect for her marriage “despite many attempts [to get her] to cease her mistress-like behaviour with Hamya.”

Delving into evidence of the extra marital affair her husband was having, the jilted Matovu told Multichoice Uganda staff that Nakabazzi’s most recent “act of devaluing my marriage” was on a trip to Dubai.

According to an email attachment Matovu provided as evidence, Hamya and Nakabazzi were in Dubai on Tuesday, July 3.

“From my knowledge, they decided to meet in Dubai for multiple days and that information was further confirmed in the attached email, in which Charles informs the hotel to check in Nakabazzi and charge the room to his personal account for which he would be checking into later on,” she sait.

“They stayed at Hyatt Regency in Dubai Creek and later checked into Towers Rotana apartments. To my full knowledge, I confirm that this was not a business meeting.”

In the July 3 email, Hamya appears to write a rather peculiar address, 1740707665-znyr.zqpc.dbj6.w9ke@property.booking.com. The identity of the recipient of the email sent at 8:09am is not captured, but Hamya tells the recipient that “this is to confirm that the person copied therein [sic] will arrive ahead of me on 4th July between 11pm and 12pm [sic].”

“I therefore request you to check her in ahead of me. I will present and settle the accommodation charge upon my arrival.”

The email was sent using Hamya’s personal email address on Google and the person copied in was Nakabazzi.

However, this news website could not immediately get either of the two for a comment and an email sent to the peculiar booking agency had not yet been replied to at the time of publishing this report.

But if Hamya cannot respond to queries from Crime24 on these allegations, it also appears he won’t have much to do in his marital bed as Matovu closes his email with what appears to be a definite end to the marriage.

“Charles and Phoebe’s actions have proven that they do not value marriage or work ethics. This level of unprofessionalism should not be what Multichoice Uganda stands for and for that matter I no longer want to be associated with both parties,” she said.

The stark closing line of Matovu’s missive is apparently calling on Multichoice to rein in the two lovebirds, but with Hamya on forced leave, it appears his long career at Multichoice Uganda is at its twilight.

TrumpetNews reported in April that Hamya had been informed to stay home for the next six months, in what many have interpreted as the end of leadership of Multichoice Uganda since 1995 when the digital television company kicked off operations in Uganda.

The news website said Multichoice South Africa had installed a substantive general manager who was also tasked with auditing the operations of the Ugandan arm of the company with a view to finding out why its performance had dipped so much.

South African-based Multichoice is the parent company that runs pay television service provider, Digital Satellite Television (DStv).

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