PICTURES: Businessman roughs up city lawyer outside court over sold school

Former Bugangaizi County parliamentary candidate Julius Kyeyune Mitala on Wednesday morning grabbed Ali Kankaka, a partner of Kyazze, Kankaka and Co. Advocates, accusing the city lawyer he previously hired of selling of his Shs12bn school at Shs3bn without his consent

SCANDAL | City lawyer Ali Kankaka would not have imagined being grabbed by the collars and shoved so hard, not least right outside the Commercial Court Division of the High Court in Kampala.

But that was what happened at the hands of former Bugangaizi County parliamentary candidate Julius Kyeyune Mitala, causing a scene in the parking lot.

Mitala charged at Kankaka, whom he accused of selling off property placed under his care without his [Mitala’s] consent. As the two men strained their muscles and flies went flying, it was security operatives at the court’s premises who saved the lawyer whose jacket, shirt and ties were a mess by then.

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Sources say Mitala has lodged a criminal case against Kankaka, a partner of Kyazze, Kankaka and Co. Advocates, whom he accuses of selling off his school, St Charles Lwanga International Secondary School in Kakiri with his consent.

Mitala, who has been a client of the city lawyer, says his case is yet to be heard but was he was apparently enraged at the sight of the all prim and proper Kankaka bouncing at the court premises.

Sources say Kankaka sold off the school, valued at Shs12 billion, at a paltry Shs3.3 billion to ‘Tooth Consultants Limited’ together with Godfrey Ssemakula and a one Katende.

The former MP hopeful is said to have been at the court for another business when he saw Kankaka and went straight for his collar, demanding that his former lawyer returns the property which was entrusted to him.

Police officers deployed at the Court tried to calm down Mitala in vain as he manhandled the city lawyer, saying there is a criminal element in the sale of his school.

Kankaka was rescued by operatives from the court premises and whisked away.

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