PHOTOS: Rwandan rapper arrives for stage performance in a glittering coffin

BIZARRE–Rwandan rapper Odo Nizeyimana, aka Khalifan, Saturday shocked revellers at a local music competition finale when he arrived for a stage performance in a glittering coffin.

The coffin was carried by four men clad in black suits complete with white gloves. The ‘pall bearers’ moved along side the rapper’s backup dancers onto the stage before placing it down for Khalifa to entertain revellers at the Primus Guma Guma season 8 musical competition.

True to Rwandan conservative culture, on stepping out of the coffin, the scared audience booed Khalifa but the unapologetic rapper insisted that music was not a competition like football.

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He did not explain his choice of the bizarre stunt.

The coffin bearing Khalifa is placed down for the rapper to step out and perform | AGENCIES–IGIHE

The rapper, clad in all-white suit soon lifted the gloom off the revellers with 15 minutes of performance, leaving many dancing to his tracks such as ‘Nabibonye ugiye’ like they had forgotten all about the bizarre coffin arrival stunt.

But if they had indeed forgotten, they were in for a shock as Khalifa wasn’t done with his newfound infatuation with the dead.

Khalifan rouses up the revellers during his perfomance | AGENCIES–IGIHE

As he summed his performance, the rapper acted dead again and was promptly carried and lain back inside the coffin, leaving behind a baffled crowd that had minutes earlier appeared to have forgiven him.

World over, musicians are known to pull off stunts of arrival on stage but Khalifa’s coffin antics is probably a first and will no doubt leave a lot of tongues wagging in coming days.

Khalifa performs during the Primus Guma Guma 8 grand finale in Kigali Saturday | AGENCIES–IGIHE

However, if the stunt was meant to garner a much needed support to win the music competition, Khalifa will rue it as Bruce Melodie was declared the winner late Saturday night.

In its eighth season, the Primus Guma Guma competition, sponsored by Primus lager, promotes local music talent through a competition that sees artistes perform countrywide before the eventual winner is announced.

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