Parliamentary Commission says not aware of Obore sacking

“We sit in the Parliamentary Commission and it is us with the mandate to hire and fire," said Usuku MP Peter Ogwang.

PLOT TWIST | Reports of investigations into recruitment of Chris Obore to a top Parliament job as well as the subsequent recommendation for his sacking are nothing but rumours, Parliamentary Commission has said.

And, to add to the controversy, the Commission has stressed that it is the only organ with the mandate to hire or fire the Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Parliament.

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“We sit in the Parliamentary Commission and it is us with the mandate to hire and fire,” said Usuku MP Peter Ogwang.

“It is only the Commission that has the powers to hire and fire and as far as we (the commission) are concerned, every director including Obore is in office working.”

Ogwang and Cecilia Ogwang, who are members of the Parliamentary Commission, dropped the plot twist while appearing before the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee to present the 2019/2020 National Budget Framework for the institution of Parliament.

Obore has had to run to court to seek an injunction after the Clerk to Parliament, Jane Kibirige, asked defend his job in writing within 15 days or be kicked out of office.

Kibirige’s decision follows an investigation by the Inspectorate of Government Irene Mulyagonja on the circumstances under which Obore came to hold the top job that was created in 2015.

The IGG’s conclusion was that the recruitment was irregular and in contravention of the Parliamentary Service (Staff) Regulations, 2001. On March 18, wrote to the Clerk to Parliament recommending the termination of his service.

On Friday, Ajuri County MP Hamson Obua tasked the Commissioners to clarify on the reports and Obore’s employment status with Parliament.

But Ogwang said the Commission was not aware of anything. Not whether IGG had written to Obore and not aware of any director of the parliamentary commission who has been fired.

Ogwal also weighed into the matter, arguing that the Rules and Procedures of Parliament doesn’t allow the Commission to discuss rumours.

“I can confirm with certainty that all those matters we are talking about hasn’t reached the Commission. If there is anything taking place, it is based on rumours and assumptions, based on guess work. It is unfair for us to waste time on rumours,” she said.

The revelation by the Commissioners has thrown more controversy into the matter and will raise further questions on how IGG came to investigate Obore without involving Parliamentary Commission.

It also raises questions on how Kibirige could have implemented the recommendations of the IGG without express approval of the Commission, who are mandated with the making the final call on the sacking.

In a related development, Parliament is seeking to have its budget increased by Shs173 billion to Shs716 billion for the 2019/2020 Financial Year.

The institution plans to use Shs20 billion for committees to undertake oversight activities and the balance for recruitment of staff and catering for MPs’ emoluments.

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