Kanungu Woman MP now sues Parliament staff in alleged poisoning attempt

SCANDAL | Kanungu District Woman legislator Elizabeth Karungi is not about to take to the dock to defend herself for alleged attempt to poison a Parliament staffer, instead she is suing her accuser.

A fortnight ago, Donna Kamuli filed an affidavit in which she claimed to have survived poisoning masterminded by MP Karungi, who she said was targeting another woman she suspects of having an affair with her husband.

But at the end of the 10 days High Court gave the MP to file her defence, Karungi has opted to file a counter- suit against Kamuli and Red Pepper–that she claims gave Kamuli the platform to publish false and malicious story about her family.

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Kamuli had accused Karungi of collaborating with staff at Café Pap to spike her bottled mineral water with a dose of poison, which she claims gravely impacted on her health to the extent that she had to seek treatment from Kenyan capital Nairobi at Agha Khan Hospital.

However, Karungi’s counter suit, which also doubles as her defence, has a completely different a version of what transpired.

The MP says that her interaction with Kamuli started around August 31 when she sought an appointment with Kamuli to meet and discuss information she had on Allan Kamugisha, a student of journalism at Makerere University.

Kamugisha is the husband of MP Karungi.

Though in her suit Kamuli revealed how the MP’s target was a certain “brown girl” whom she suspected of having a relationship with her husband, Karungi in the counter-suit is careful enough not to reveal the nature information she wanted to obtain from Kamuli.

Kamuli agreed to meet the Kanungu Woman MP on September 1at Café Pap on Parliament Avenue, the court documents state.

This discussion, Karungi claims lasted about three hours and that the two parted ways in a sober and jolly mood.

However. at around 6:45pm, on the same day, it’s the MP’s position that Kamuli informed her that she had some stomach paid. It was the suspicion of Kamuli then was that the water she had taken at Café Pap had been spiked but doctors at Case Clinic concluded that it was ulcers.

“Karungi asked Kamuli whether she had ulcers, Kamuli confirmed that she suffers from ulcers and she
had not eaten the entire day. She did not talk about poison with Karungi, they cut their conversation after wishing each other good night,” Karungi’s counter-suit drafted by K&K Advocates reads in part.

‘My husband dragged in’

Karungi says her husband’s name was dragged into the mess when Kamuli called him telling him how Karungi had tried to kill her on grounds that the MP suspected that the two were having an affair.

On September 7, Karungi says that Kamuli took the issue on social media. She posted on WhatsApp group of Makerere University Journalism and Communication students and that the message though not direct, insinuated that the MP had poisoned her.

Kamuli wasn’t done, according to Karungi, and with the help of Red Pepper, on September, 9, 2018, on page one, she falsely and maliciously had a story published with the MP’s picture, that of her husband attached with that of Kamuli.

The story, according to the court documents, ran with the headline, “Sex scandal rocks MPs” with the kicker; “Parliament staffer poisoned in sex row with sexy MP.”

The tabloid, Karungi says, wasn’t about to stop, it wrote a follow-up story on September 10 that
was also riddled with malice and lies.

The Kanungu Woman MP doesn’t demand any atonement in terms of damages in her suit, but says that both Kamuli and Red Pepper’s claims were “malicious, careless, callous and wanton and were made without regard to the plaintiff’s character.”

“Kamuli acted unreasonably and that their actions were calculated and intended to and indeed injured Karungi’s character in the eyes of the right thinking member of society,” the counter-suit says

MP Karungi


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