MP fights dog that bit him, kills and delivers it to Police

MP Julius Acon, a former Olympian, says he fought the dog for 30 minutes before finally putting it down

BIZARRE – Dog bites man is not news, they say. But this is an exception; a legislator who was bitten by a stray dog decided that he would first sort the rabid animal before seeking medical attention.

Otuke County MP Julius Acon was Monday morning bitten by a stray dog as he jogged past a gate in Namugongo, a city suburb, but says he took on the dog and killed it after 30 minutes of fighting.

The MP, a former middle distance runner who represented Uganda at Atlanta 96 and Sydney 2000 Summer Games, said that “after a street battle for about thirty minutes, covering a distance of at least a kilometer,” he managed to kill the dog.

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Acon said he took his “victim” to the Police, where he recorded a statement before he ran for vaccination against rabbis.

“After it attacked me, I pulled my martial arts skills to kill the dog,” he said.

Acon did not specify whether he used some instrument in killing the dog or if he took on the stray animal with his bare hands.

The bizarre news comes on the back of President Museveni ordering ‘sharp shooters’ and armoured pick-up vehicles to beef up the security of legislators. But if Museveni will be following MP Acon’s pride at neutralising a stray dog, he probably will consider rescinding his directive to Finance ministry.

Museveni, who has always lectured on self-defensive techniques, will probably see that MPs don’t need snipers and guards but self-defensive techniques.

Who is Acon

Julius Acon, born December 12, 1976, is the Member of Parliament for Otuke County and also retired middle distance runner who specialised in the 800m and 1500m.

Acon once held the 800m American Collegiate in-season record with a time of 1:44.55sec set in 1996 as a student at George Mason University. He competed in both the 1996 and 2000 Summer Olympics although he could not make the medal grade.

He is also the founder of the Acon Uganda Children’s Fund, based in Portland, Oregon which opened a medical center in Northern Uganda in 2012.

At the 1994 World Junior Championships, Achon became the first Ugandan to win gold, running the 1500m in 3:39.78. Victory was followed by offers of scholarships from a number of US colleges and he chose George Mason University.

In 1996, he won the 800m NCAA title, setting a new US college record of 1:44.55. Later in the year, he ran in the heats of the 1500m at the Atlanta Olympics.

Achon went on to compete at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, where he reached the semifinal of the 1500m but did not participate in the Athens Games after his mother was killed by the LRA.

A car crash in May 2007 put an end to his running career. He had been intending to run the 5000m at the Ugandan National Athletics Championships in July 2007.

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