You know Chameleone is milking the past when Ziggy D performs at his concert

C24 LIFE | There are fills and thrills and then there are spills and fraud. You might need to check with the huge archives at UBC or Vision Group to figure out the last time Ziggy D last stepped on a major concert stage, yet here he was at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

What was he doing here? Of course, he wasn’t gate crashing like Michael Ross, Ziggy D was here in his official capacity as the brain behind the hit single, Eno Mic. At Chameleone’s concert!

We will repeat that for you: Ziggy D was performing at Chameleone’s concert.

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So what is not happening with the artiste who revolutionalised Uganda’s music? Even if times were so bad, at worst, the giant in Chameleone would have the likes of Fik Femaica, Cindy, and Rema sharing a stage with him, but Ziggy D?

Sure, there is a reason people get the credit given and Ziggy D could have scored it with Chameleone in areas that the rest of us will never know.

And then there is the matter of the concert proper. Chameleone’s were really catchy, you didn’t need to be told in words. Fourteen years ago, Chameleone etched his name in stone with the kind of electric performance that not only raised the bar for the rest but also set a yardstick for what his concerts have to be like.

And he has not been disappointing ever since. Until now…

At his Saba Saba concert, the Chameleone of the old was no more. Yes, he is his glittering past and a semblance of present deluding all and sundry that there are tidbits of a future left in him. Maybe yes, maybe not.

But what happened at Saba Saba concert speaks of a man clutching at his shadow — that past. The old Chameleone showed up at his concerts to sing almost nonstop.

The current one talks more than Bobi Wine used to do at his concerts. The yesteryear Chameleone would stop after a track to ask revellers what song they wanted him to belt out next; the current Chameleone keeps pacing the stage oft times with his back to the showgoers to talk to a DJ or a member of his crew flapping some funny flag.

The man who used to own his concerts is suddenly facing the humbling experience of one of the talking points at his concert being the cameo appearance on stage of MP Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, his musical nemesis of decades.

But credit to Chameleone when it comes to pulling his fans to his concerts. Like they say, if you are to eat a frog, make it fat.The attendance at the Cricket Oval was massive. Chameleone does that. He also still retains the trust of major sponsors.

For Saba Saba, telecom giants MTN came in handy to lead the way and their presence was well felt at the concert with banners and thundersticks (cheerstix) — that they gave to mainly women legion of fans to clap forth with.

Chameleone knows just how to milk his glittering past in the present.

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