Sheriff KK transfixed at Namboole after Express FC defeat

NAMBOOLE | After several calls to Mandela National Stadium Management and associates of Kiryowa Kiwanuka, we can confirm that the Express FC chairman left the stadium Friday evening without “in one piece” after the defeat left him transfixed.

Kiryowa, popularly known as KK, was a scene in himself at Namboole, left was so utterly dejected at final whistle that when he took his time to compose himself in the pavilion, a section of fans feared that the Sheriff in Wankulukuku could have failed to get over the derby defeat to SC Villa.

“Yes, it’s true we have confirmed that he left the stadium in one piece. We were a little worried and made frantic calls to locate his whereabouts, but I can confirm all is well now,” a member of Express FC’s backroom staff told C24 Life.

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Indeed, KK took to Twitter several hours later to share the weight in his heart that was lumped up by Bashir Mutanda’s brace 28 minutes into and from time.

“Terrible events unfolded at Namboole this afternoon,” KK tweeted before congratulating SC Villa upon the win, the Jogoos’ first in Namboole this season and the second of the league campaign.

Kiryowa said his team Express did not show up in the “very painful loss” and threw a rhetorical question: “Why life?”

C24 Life has been left wondering if those were the same questions running his KK’s mind when, with the stadium emptying, the Express boss stayed rooted to his seat in the company of a lady friend.

From biting his lower lip to holding his cheek, KK was like a charcoal burner in deep in Luuka reacting to waking up to find an entire savings in wood had turned into ash just because a certain Isaac Mutanga he paid up to plug a hole in the charcoal mound had instead slept on the job.

A kinesics expert this news website consulted said KK’s body movement and mannerism at the final whistle was that of a person with a very a heavy heart.

“Even bereavement would sound like an understatement, just look at his legs, the arms on the knees… It was total loss. He had to balance his knees at least, since his players had failed to balance performance on the pitch,” the body language expert said.

“And the woman besides him doesn’t help the matter at all. KK doesn’t even appear to realise there is life beside him, let alone that he himself is still alive,” the expert added.

KK bit half of his lower lip but so much after the derby defeat and didn’t even appear to notice the company of the lady besides him.

A lip reader, who swore he had seen images of KK on Sanyuka TV during the live telecast “yawning awkwardly as SC Villa led and asserted their superiority,” said what happened after the final whistle shows the pain of a man experiencing nightmares while awake.

“If you can day dream, then you can also experience nightmares with your eyes wide open especially when something called Bashir Mutanda crosses your path,” the lip reader said.

However, KK remained graceful in defeat. Besides the congratulations to SC Villa, he also responded to a few tweets about the same.

Some fans sent him messages of support. Diana Nabuuso tweeted: “Take heart Mr Chairman. In life you win some & lose some. Times like these take back to the drawing board on how to improve @Express Mukwano gwa bangi!”

KK replied: “I agree entirely and trust me I am back on the drawing board.”

Patrick Kasule urged the Sheriff to avenge the painful defeat by signing “that boy Mutanda in January,” adding that “it really hurts to lose to Villa.”

Express FC failed to replicate their attacking display that saw them tuck KCCA FC to bed on Tuesday, falling to Mutanda’s brace when facing arch rivals SC Villa.

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