Pastor Ssempa excited by Swiss player’s ‘genitalic’ name

KAMPALA–What is ‘hmmm’? You probably won’t come across a better answer than in Pastor Martin Ssempa’s excitement over a Swiss World Cup player’s name.

Pastor Ssempa, a Ugandan-American pastor and activist and the founder of the Makerere Community Church, is enjoying the World Cup in Russia over his telly and particularly rooting for Breel-Donald Embolo, whose name tickles him.

In a bizarre tweet Wednesday evening as Switzerland took on Costa Rica seeking a place in World Cup knock out stage, the charismatic preacher let the world know his love for…

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Yes, Breel-Donald Embolo is the name and Ssempa is his biggest admirer or just an admirer of the name or whatever else the name conjures in his mind.

In the light moment tweet, he says: “Is it only me but this very good Swiss player Embolo’s name makes me sort of smile every time this world cup British Commentor [sic] says ’embolo'”

The tweet was repeated multiple times, probably due to network era as social media tax begins to scare users or just because the Man of God wanted to make doubly sure his message passed across as he posed a question to a couple of other Twitterati.

“Does anyone know what it means in his tribe? The wicked witch of @MakerereU @drstellanyanzi must be stoked! @RugyendoQuotes @jamesonen,” he added.

Pastor Ssempa has led coordinated efforts to fight homosexuality in Uganda alongside Scott Lively, a US -based anti-gay extremist.

Whereas the name Embolo has been causing local sports commentators a lot of trouble calling out loud, many a pastor would be expected to muffle their voices but not Ssempa.

We can only say hmmm!

Born in Yaoundé, Cameroon’s capital city, Breel-Donald Embolo has lit up the Swiss Super League with a string of strong performances spearheading the 2014/15 champions’ attack, showing rare maturity in his play not often seen in teenage attackers.

Moving to the northern region of Switzerland aged six, Embolo grew up in a city known for its relative footballing excellence, rising through the ranks of Basel’s smaller clubs, Nordstern and BSC Old Boys, on his way to professional ranks.

Embolo cannot have his surname comfortably pronounced in certain Bantu dialects in certain parts of East and Central Africa.

In Swahili and a number of other Bantu dialects, it refers to male genitalia – the phallus, in particular. But among his native Bulu people in Cameroon, it’s a form of greeting. Like “Hello”. Or “How are you?”according to information this website sourced from various online and social media sources.

So Pastor Ssempa, just go ahead and proudly greet your friends with that legendary Bulu name.

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