Pakasa editor Sebidde Kiryowa calls time on New Vision career

After 19 years, Sebidde calls time on illustrious newsroom career

KAMPALA – Nineteen years in a Ugandan newsroom can mean many things, but New Vision and Sebidde Kiryowa will certainly retain rights to interpretations thereof. The rest can only see from the outside: the society writer turned Pakasa editor has indeed put in his shift.

SK, as the Pakasa pullout editor is famously known in the newsroom, is calling time on his illustrious society, lifestyle and prosperity news content editing career after 19 years at First Street, Industrial Area.

From editing several content, SK signs out as the editor of Pakasa, an entrepreneurship pullout  New Vision launched in March 2012 as a one-stop centre for functional entrepreneurship, enterprise and prosperity from investment information.

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The publication has been a mega success for Vision Group, with the publishers capitalising on that to run Pakasa Forum, an annual event.

Those who have sat in the New Vision boardroom during brainstorming meetings for features editors and writers marvel at the gift that is Sebidde. A good listener, SK almost always had something to contribute toward the development of a pitch.

Meetings scheduled to last an hour would grind down 30 minutes less if Sebidde was not present but stretch past with him around. Yet no one would get bored.

That he is taking all these skills to God-knows-where is certainly a loss for journalism. But even the best dancers leave the stage as long as they are not Museveni.

We are yet to find out where the pintsized journalist is headed but sources at Vision Group have intimated on two possibilities: either he is off to be in the US in time to vote for Trump during the next election or he is going to be around running his businesses.

Over the last few years, Sebidde has been taking the first flight available to the US whenever he had a holiday. His Facebook page is dotted with such memories in still images. As he was yet to respond to our queries, we are still looking into that bit of him.

The departure of SK comes on the heel of veteran society journalist Kalungi Kabuye, aka KK, opting to hang up his pen and notebook–if only from the newsroom since the rugby-mad journalist will continue in the profession as a contributor for New Vision.

Meanwhile, Stephen Ssenkaaba, a senior features writer and contributing editor, will also be leaving he newsroom on a sabbatical.

Ssenkaaba is part of a group, which includes 12 American and six international journalists, in the 45th class of Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellowship for the 2018-2019 at the University of Michigan, US.

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