Former New Vision journalist in early preps to balance Parliament boat

C24 LIFE | Size matters and James Odomel comes in a special package disguised as size. Indeed, if Parliament is a boat that needs balancing in 2021, Odomel thinks he is just the perfect kind of ‘reveller’ the House will need for that.

Odomel comes in a package that peasants call ‘loaded’–he is this burly you might think that when he coughs, pigs ears and tails jump out ofor his mouth. In peasant speak, he is loaded. But in pork speak, he can as well pass the description since he never seems to run out of cash for well grilled ears and tails.

The former New Vision business reporter, a Chandi Jamwa doppelganger, apparently believes in the early bird and worm tales and has started his preps to board the MV Parliament in earnest.

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Odomel, sources say, has decided on Soroti Municipality where he seeks to unseat FDC’s Herbert Ariko. Asked to confirm the rumours, Odomel said the boat holds on water and there was no chance of returning to the shore before reaching Parliament Beach.

“I’ve consulted variously and have made up my mind. Nothing will distract me; not Bagyenda’s legs, not even pork. We are docking at Parliament in 2021,” he told C24 Life by WhatsApp.

Odomel, who has since given his life to PR and pork where many are giving theirs to Mbonye and praising Bobi-Barbie, did not go into the specifics of his decision to seek to board the chaotic political boat called MV Parliament.

“I’ll help balance the boat,” he said, adding that he will give more details as ‘things’ begin to take shape.

But the honchos at C24 Life were never going to fold their hands and wait for the Chandi Jamwa clone to return with his details. We decided to go it our way.

A confidante of Odomel intimated to C24 Life that the ever smiling fellow has been so confident of his ambitious he does not think anything untoward will happen to his dreams.

“He told us that the kind of unceremonious rejection like we saw with Michael Ross’s attempt to invade Genuwine’s stage space cannot happen with him since he says he has ears of big shots in NRM whose lapels will cover him,” the friend said.

Sources have intimated to us that, with the bidding and panya roots created by Captain Mike Mukula, Odomel has been in contact with NRM 1st National Vice Chairman, Al Hajji Moses Kigongo, and got the tentative blessing to wash his hands and join the political dining table.

Of the constituencies he could go for, the former business reporter was told to pick among Kumi County, Kumi Municipality and Soroti Municipality and work around gaining the support of NRM party ahead of 2021.

“I grew up and studied in Soroti. Who doesn’t know me in Soroti? Maybe the incumbent MP, but ask Mike Mukula and the rest. I admire his political approach and I will consult him further,” Odomel told close friends he had gathered to start beating the roots in the municipality.

The 38-year-old amiable journalist intends to start with “Odomel Cup” — like many politicians do — to raise his profile using football, according to sources. Using the euphoria around sports, he will then make a grand entry with a presser announcing his political ambitions.

He believes that having managed to attract the attention of some of Kampala’s moneyed lifers like Sudhir, Amos Nzeyi and the Mukwano owner, he is in good stead.

“Its true, Sudhir is my friend. But I’m deeply rooted in NRM. We must wrestle the Soroti Municipality seat back. We will use any available means to win,” he reportedly told his associates.

Whether the social companies will translate from posing with cigars to financial beeps for his electioneering isn’t something we are going to speculate on.

Odomel reportedly told his friends that he has so made up his mind that he is willing to abandon his beloved Manchester United if voters in the municipality asked him to. He is a sports enthusiast and a regular fixture at Kyadondo and Kampala rugby clubs.

Well, the fellow claims he needs no life jacket to sail MV Parliament and who are we to doubt his balancing pedigree?

Now, does size matter in politics? Odomel will tell us that in 2021.

If he does board the boat, he will have joined the likes of Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda (The Observer) and Paul Amoru (Daily Monitor) who are balancing MV Parliament across the political divide.

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