Don Wanyama returns to edit Daily Monitor

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C24 LIFE | President Museveni’s senior press secretary Don Innocent Wanyama has returned to Namuwongo to edit Daily Monitor, at least on Twitter.

Wanyama, a former chief sub editor and managing editor of Daily Monitor, still wears his editorial decisions on his sleeve — or at least on Twitter — and will not hesitate to show how it should be done as and when he feels those current charged with editorial decisions are not up to task.

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On Tuesday, Wanyama felt the editors at the Namuwongo-based media house missed their decision making capsules while deciding what to run and ended up choosing “trash” about Opposition blaming Museveni for the current troubles at Makerere University.

“Dear Daily Monitor, not all trash should find its way into the newspaper. You could have run PLE success pictures in this space, just in case there was shortage of content. How does Museveni come into this?” Wanyama tweeted.

Of course, those who know Wanyama too well are aware that he is only showing the kind of zeal every employer wants to see in the people they pay to do something for them.

As a Saul turned Paul, he has taken to the gospel of Museveni with more vigour and commitment than the Apostle himself took to Christianity thousands of years ago.

Daily Monitor will probably have to listen well to their former editor or perhaps keep inviting him for editorial meeting before they make decisions on what to run in the paper.

At this point, it is best that the current crop of editors ignore the responses to Wanyama’s tweet such as that of Twitter user Trasias Mukama, who questioned what it will take for people to know that Daily Monitor and other news agencies are in the business of selling news and not appeasing some individuals.

In 2015, President Museveni appointed Don Wanyama as his special media assistant at the NRM secretariat before elevating him to replace the controversial Tamale Mirundi as senior press secretary a year later.

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