Daily Monitor’s Ivan Okuda appointed as observer for US midterm elections

WORLD | The Board of Electoral Commissioners of the US city of St Louis, Missouri, has appointed Daily Monitor journalist and lawyer Ivan Okuda as an international observer for the ongoing US midterm elections.

The midterm elections or congressional votes are taking place Tuesday. The elections offer voters an opportunity in between presidential elections to weigh in on a president’s performance and shift the balance of power if they are unsatisfied.

The 2018 midterm elections will weigh President Donald Trump’s performance and credibility.

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Okuda travelled to the US late last month, and, while there, apparently registered as an international observer with the St Louis Board of Electoral Commissioners.

On Tuesday, the Board of Electoral Commissioners endorsed Okuda’s registration with Missouri Governor Michael Parsons informing Republican Director Leo Gary Stoff Jnr and his Democrat counterpart Steven Capizzi of Okuda’s status.

The two party leaders approved the endorsement.

“As a duly registered international election observer, Okuda is allowed to enter the election place to observe the voting process,” Parson said.

During the midterm election, the 25-year-old journalist and lawyer will not be allowed to speak to voters and was not available for comment at the time of publishing this article.

The investigations and special projects writer at Daily Monitor is part of the international visitor leadership programme of the US State Department on 2018 midterm elections.

Okuda’s programme has 15 other Africans, including two legislators from Namibia, Ghana, a professor from Mali, leading lawyers from Wwest Africa and civil society actors as well as political actors from across the continent.

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