2018 Review: Qute Kaye makes comeback in the wrong side-mirror of theft

Forgotten singer Ivan Kawuma, aka Qute Kaye, of Ginkese fame had a year to forget in 2018 when he was caught stealing car headlights

FLASHBACK | No thief wants to be caught even if they have the backing of Gen Yoweri Museveni who would order Attorney-General William Byaruhanga to declare them not guilty. And, of a million thieves in Uganda, Qute Kaye was probably the last to ever want to be caught.

But caught, he was, in May 2018. The man who was only known as Ivan Kawuma until he took part in Coca-Cola Pop Stars in 2003 and started writing his public profile was on May 23 arrested in Busega, Rubaga Division in Kampala stealing headlights from a Toyota Harrier UBA 482K belonging to a one Jackson Musisi.

The humiliation for the ‘Ginkese’ hit singer was unreal. He didn’t look quite the man with ear studs whose voice melted the hearts of women in town. While in custody, a video of the former singer at the police station showed him being beaten up as he ran for dear life.

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In many ways, Qute Kaye probably wished at that moment that the news in 2013 that he was dead had been real. If you have tasted celebrity life before, you certainly would never want to be forced to sit on the ground with an excuse for a pair of shoes taken off as you are forced to display exhibit of your crime to the cameras.

Several fast thinkers had come out when the news started filtering on social media that Qute Kaye had been caught stealing car parts. They claimed it was a scene from his new music video and that the pictures of him caught red-handed were from the video shoot.

But this did not hold at all as Qute Kaye pleaded guilty and asked for forgiveness, according to Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire.

About a year before the embarrassing vandalism and theft incident, Qute Kaye was among the many celebrities who headline Pastor Robert Kayanja’s “77 DOGS” crusade at Rubaga Miracle Center. At the time, Kayanja had gifted Qute Kaye with a Pajero Reg No. UBA 653C.

Naturally, Pastor Kayanja leaped to the defense of Qute Kaye following the embarrassing theft case. He warned against judging the singer, and noted that he needed more prayers.

“Maybe he needed to go down that way so that God could get him up, because no rehab could help him. No advice could help. Nothing could help. But I am very sure he will rise up from this. He will come up a better person,” Kayanja said.

Qute Kaye’s friends and musicians showed empathy and blamed the incident on mental break down, while others linked it to a substance abuse problem.

Yet the same celebrity status he enjoyed past that turned sour for him was the one that got helped him in the end. As many friends and celebrities spoke for him, the case did not go to extra humiliating mile in court as it appears it was dropped.

Like he disappeared from the public until rumours of his death and disappeared again until 77 DOGS of Kayanja, Qute Kaye has since gone quiet and is probably thinking of his times with Ginkese, Gwendota, Njagala Omuwala, Osindise Asitamye featuring Iryn Namubiru, and Gyetwasokela with Priscilla Kalibala, as he counts down the clock on the humiliating year 2018.

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