Makerere dismisses Dr Stella Nyanzi, 40 other senior academic staff

MAKERERE | Makerere University has served Dr Stella Nyanzi with a bile of Christmas present, dismissing the controversial research fellow from service.

Dr Nyanzi, who has been a researcher at Makerere University Institute for Social Research (MISR), has been dismissed alongside 44 other senior lecturers from various departments.

“Many of those fired had left the university and now working in other universities outside Makerere, while others were undisciplined. They were tarnishing the name of the university and we could not tolerate that. I am sure that those people were given a fair hearing to defend themselves before the appointment board so everything was done legally,” Daily Monitor quotes Prof Barnabas Nawangwe, the university vice-chancellor, as saying.

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Dr Nyanzi has had long-running feud with Makerere stemming from her fallout with MISR director Prof Mahmood Mamdani.

In April 2016, Makerere University suspended Dr Nyanzi “with immediate effect pending investigations” after the researcher stripped naked in a protest at being locked out of MISR on Mamdani’s orders.

The controversial researcher stripped bare in protest against what she called the ‘dictatorship’ of her boss — who later justified locking Nyanzi out of the school.

However, Nyanzi continued with her battles against Mamdani and the university even in courts of law. Earlier this month, Justice Lydia Mugambe, of the High court Civil Division, ordered Makerere to pay Dr Nyanzi for failing to file their reply on time in a case she dragged the entity for refusing to reinstate and promote her as a senior researcher as per directed by the tribunal.

In November, Nyanzi sued the institution for failing to abide by the university tribunal orders that her suspension was illegal over the Mamdani incident was illegal.

Nyanzi, who has since become a political and social justice activist, is on remand in Luzira prison after declining bail in a case in which she is accused of breaching anti-cyber use laws and insulting the person of President Museveni.

For a while, Makerere University appears to have been trying to get rid of Dr Nyanzi but couldn’t get the proper justification. In sacking her alongside 44 others for various cases, the university seems to have struck the balance.

On Monday, the univrsity’s Human Resource Manual was controversial amended to give blanket powers to the vice-chancellor to terminate the contract of any staff charged with criminal offenses in courts of law.

Meanwhile, other prominent members of the academic staff dismissed include Dr Swizen Kyomuhendo, from the School of Social Sciences, who was infamously exposed by NBS television investigations while trying to sleep with his student in exchange for marks.

Although he was cleared of the charges by court, the university appears to have deemed his conduct had tarnished the reputation of the premier institution of higher learning.

Name                                      Designation                            Department

Dr Haroon Sseguya                 Senior lecturer                        Agric Extension & Innovation

Grace Nabulo                          Assistant Lecturer                   Botany

Dr Irene Bet Kizza                  Senior Nursing lecturer           School of Medicine

Dorothy Kwagala                    Assistant Lecturer                   School of Law

Aggrey Mwesigye                   Lecturer                                   Mechanical Engineering

Sarah Alobo                            Lecturer                                   Agribusiness

Dr Silas Oluka                        Senior lecturer                        Science & Technical

Dr Gilbert Wathum                 Senior lecturer                         Forestry; Biodiversity & Tourism

Olive Darlia Buhule                Assistant lecturer                    Statistics & Actuarial Sciences

Stella Maris Sendagi               Lecturer                                   Agricultural & Bio systems

Harriet N. Kabunga                Lecturer                                   European & Oriental Languages

Dr Catherine Namono             Senior Lecturer                       Painting and Art History

James Semuwemba                 Assistant lecturer                    Civil Engineering

Joseph Derrick Olaka              Teaching Assistant                  Computer Science

Jude Olinga                             Teaching assistant                   Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Eiman Elwidaa                       Lecturer                                   Architecture & Phy Planning.


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