Guard shoots dead colleague, seeks spiritual intervention against arrest

MUKONO | A local security guard in Mukono shot dead his colleague and fled to Nagalama to seek spiritual protection against the consequence of his action found out rather too soon that the long arm of the law does not know cowrie shell divination.

The security guard, attached to Pyramid Security Group located in Ntinda Minister’s Village, shot dead a colleague while on duty at St. Catherine School in Seeta, according to Kampala Metropolitan Police.

After committing the crime on Wednesday, the suspect abandoned the two SAR rifles at the murder scene and fled to his mother-in-law’s home in Nagalama to seek spiritual intervention from witch doctors.

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But he had gone to the wrong place and had he stood before a full length mirror and read the message on the light-blue tee-shirt he was wearing, he wouldn’t have put such a big trust in his mother-in-law.

“All my friends are obsolete,” the message on the tee reads. The suspect wouldn’t have needed “including my mother-in-law” added to know that he was bound to face the law.

On narrating his ordeal, the mother-in-law called the area local defence unit, who disguised as though they were escorting the suspect to a shrine for the divination he was running too impatient to wait for, only to lead him to Nkonge Police Station where he was arrested.

Met Police say the suspect confessed to having shot his colleague, saying it was the work of the spirits that had subdued him.

Police have not yet identified the deceased but this news website was able to identify him only as Issa.

The suspect has since been transferred to Mukono Police Station as investigations into the matter are continue.

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